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Eradicating the Fear of Presentation – Part 1

Fear of public speaking is a major issue for many people. This short article provides the reader with a few useful tips on how to get into the correct shape for delivering a presentation.

Drive Out Your Public Speaking Fears

Overcoming public speaking fears is the cherished goal of many people. Unfortunately, most of the people are secretive about their public speaking fears, fearing ridicule from others. But it is not difficult to drive out these fears and acquire a powerful command over your speech.

Powerful Tips For Overcoming Public Speaking Fears

When I talk about overcoming the fear of public speaking, some of you may be skeptical. I can visualize a few readers smirking at the mention of the very idea. But you will be surprised to know that there are ways of winning over your fears. Just read the handy tips provided here. If you follow even a few of them, you will experience miraculous results. And I am not exaggerating.

Public Speaking – Confidence VS Hubris

There is a fine line between confidence and hubris. Actually, that line may not be that fine. Confidence inspires everyone; hubris, on the other hand annoys most people.

Public Speaking Series – A Basic Guideline

Want to improve your public speaking skill? We’ll tell you how… just follow these 8 simple steps.

What If Public Speaking is Just Not Your Thing?

Has anyone ever asked you to give a speech and your automatic reaction was, “Oh, no, public speaking just isn’t my thing.” What is it about the words “public speaking” that make people freeze up, back off, clutch their stomachs and say, “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that!”

A Tale of Stage Fright

The speaker was a professor giving a lunchtime lecture. I’ve never felt so sorry for anyone on a platform before or since. She may have known her stuff, but there was something sadly wrong with her presentation.

Fear Factor – Public Speaking

Does the idea of speaking in front of people make you faint? Would you rather visit the dentist every day for a month instead of giving a keynote speech? Does the thought of speaking in front of a roomful of strangers induce a powerful need to flee the country?

Job of Motivational Keynote Speaker

The main aim of hiring the services of motivational keynote speaker in organization is to pass on new viewpoints to the employees. It is a speech which is delivered at the beginning of an event or when it has scheduled to be given. A speech which is delivered in a group is required to be in good tone so that it enhances the spirits of the crowd.

Self-Introductions – Or How to Plan For the Unexpected When You Speak

I always say when it comes to speaking or performing, you must adhere to Murphy’s Law. What can go wrong… will.

How to Increase Your Self Confidence at Public Speaking

Somehow, when we were young, we thought everything was possible for us. We could easily say “I want to be an astronaut” and truly believe so! No matter what happened, we could speak (and also laugh, cry and shout) in front of a lot of people, without even noticing it!

Vocal Variety Matters – So Speak Up

You have a good clear voice. You can be heard across the room, yet every time you speak, someone tells you it was a good speech but all it needed was some more vocal variety. What is the matter with these people? What are they talking about?

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