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How To Add More Humor To Your Next Speech

There is something almost magical that happens when your audience laughs with you. Since this is such a big part of the importance of public speaking, the big question is what can you do to get your audience to laugh more… ?

The Do’s and Don’Ts of Giving a Presentation

As a trainer for more than 10 years, I realise that I have done certain things correctly in my training and also have learnt from the mistakes I made too. In this article, I have compiled my do’s and dont’s list based on my training experience and I hope you will benefit from my sharing.

Ways to Analyse Your Audience – Part II

In Part II of this series, I am going to elaborate the first method of profiling my participants before the training session. I will list down the various steps involved and explain why I am performing these steps. I hope you will enjoy my sharing.

Ways to Analyse Your Audience

If you are a trainer, do you ever do any form of analysis of your audience’s profile before you start your training session? In this article, I am going to explain to you why audience profiling is important and share with you the methods I use to achieve the objectives.

Life’s Stories Best Convey Your Message

We all know that life’s journey is full of unexpected twists and turns. Even a casual observation or simple happening can turn our thinking completely around and set us off along an entirely new path we hadn’t even thought of. Being able to go back and reflect on these ‘learnings’ and share them with others can be enriching for all. But how to bring them to mind when needed? This inspirational article will show you how.

Ways to Analyse Your Audience – Part IV

In Part IV of this series, I am going to share with you the third method I use with a view to profiling my participants. This involves a simple self-introduction exercise. I hope you will find my sharing useful.

Introducing a Speaker – Use This Template to Introduce a Speaker to an Audience

Do you speak in events organised by other people? If so, how do you want to be introduced as a speaker? In this article, I am sharing with you my template and I hope you will find it useful.

Ways to Analyse Your Audience – Part III

In Part III of this series, I am going to share with you the second method I use to profile my participants before the actual training begins. I hope you will find my sharing insightful.

Fear of Presenting: How to Build Your Confidence

It is said that the fear of presenting in front of an audience is ranked higher than the fear of death. Death only happens once, but public speaking can happen to you again and again, with the knowledge that you will have to live through the feedback afterwards.

Speaking Success: Abuse Your Audience and Lose Credibility (True Story)

The story you are about to read really happened. Names have been changed to protect the “innocent”. When you get the opportunity to address an audience – whether as a leader of a group, or an invited speaker – remember that you have an obligation to deliver what the event topic promises. If you know you cannot do that, be decent enough to decline speaking or request a change of the topic or subject to something that you can handle. Also, when you find yourself in a leadership position that confers on you the authority to direct the affairs of others, it is imperative that you act with consideration for their interests at all times. When you say one thing and do another, or when you use your position of influence to manipulate those you lead, that’s “abuse”. And you give people a reason to question your integrity. Your reputation suffers. People stop trusting you. Read the full article.

Improving Speech Clarity – How to Speak Clearly and Confidently

Do you agree that a good trainer is someone who can communicate clearly with his participants? In this article, I will share with you my experience on how I have improved my speech clarity over the years. I hope you will find my sharing useful.

How to Encourage Public Participation When Giving a Speech

Do you find it a challenge to encourage participation from your participants in your training? In this article, I am sharing with you my experience on how to invite more participation from my participants. I hope you will find my sharing useful.

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