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The Importance of Making a Great First Impression With Your Audience

We all know about the importance of public speaking, but did you know that people size you up from the moment they see you? It’s not about being judgmental – at least not on purpose (in most cases). It’s just human nature to read the environment.

4 Easy Ways To Achieve Visual Contact When Speaking in Public

Have you ever had anybody speak to you without being able to look you in the eye? Its very disconcerting, right? You might think, “Are they lying, uncomfortable, just lacking self-esteem or something completely different?” I don’t know about you, but most of the time for me, I’m left sensing that it is strange behaviour… not a great impression.

Voice Training Gives You Control Over Your Voice, Your Speed, and Your Words

It never ceases to amaze me how many people discover this marvelous control over their voice and their words when they learn how to use their chest cavity as their primary sounding board. At a recent workshop, Monica was delighted with the results, remarking that, “It is as if I’m controlling my speech and in command of my words.”

When You (Unknowingly) Say Something Offensive to Your Audience

Some years ago, I was in London, Canada, speaking to a very large group of lawyers and their spouses about the power of the speaking voice. Part of my presentation on voice deals with color, which is the life, the animation, the emotion you express in speaking. In talking about this aspect of the voice, I mentioned a lawyer from London who was very well-known for being expressive – a most colorful man – by the name of Julius Melnitzer.

Why No One Is a Natural Born Speaker

No one is born a great speaker. You have to work at it. Please read more…

Public Speakers Do Better When They Lose The Script

If I asked you to do a perfect job for the next speech that you gave, what would you do differently? I’m willing to bet that at least one thing that you’d do is write out a script and use it to deliver your speech. We’d all do this – it’s the best way to make sure that you don’t make a mistake, right? It turns out that it’s not the best way and I’m going to tell you why…

7 Most Followed Speakers on Twitter

You probably have wondered who among all the huge number of speakers made it to Twitter and achieved a different level of stardom. I was actually in a hunt for these speakers a few days back, but I could not seem to find them via search engines. I made a couple of experiments with Twitter’s filtering options, but could not be sure of the list I’ve got. Fortunately, I found a way to extract a list of the most followed speakers using a very innovative social media tool.

How to Write Your First Public Speaking Presentation

The way you write your first public speaking presentation is very important in mastering the art of public speaking. Learn the keys in presentation skills training in this article about how to write your first keynote speech.

5 Ways To Reduce The Visibility Of Nervousness Or Stress

Our bodies are designed to show physical signs of stress when our stress levels are high, such as when we are in FIGHT-or-FLIGHT mode. This can happen when we’re in traffic and have to slam on our brakes to avoid hitting someone in front of us, when we have to swerve out of the way to avoid an accident, when we are faced with a scary or intimidating situation, and even when we’re stressed at work.

It Turns Out That The Little Things Really Matter When Giving A Great Speech

Delivering a great speech is like giving your audience a fantastic gift that they keep unwrapping during your presentation and discovering more and more things. Now the real question is how to go about making this happen?

Best Way to Select a Youth Speaker for Your College or Schools

If you have an upcoming event that requires a youth speaker then you want to do your home work and find the right speaker for your students. Here is a great way to find the perfect youth speaker to reach your students and youth.

Where to Start in Developing Your Public Speaking Skills

When you find out about your first public speaking presentation, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Learn the essentials to get you started and prepare you for the art of public speaking.

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