Will Conor McGregor Still Be Competitive in MMA?

Prove That You Are a High Ticket Professional Speaker

Professional speaking is not just another business. It is an art. To rise to the top of the field you must be very skilled and have a knack for captivating an audience. There are many opportunities for a master speaker. This article describes some ideas to keep in mind as you strive to become a high ticket speaker.

5 Reasons Why a Meeting Planner Should Utilize a Funny Motivational Speaker at a Meeting

Ever thought about retaining the services of a funny motivational speaker for your meeting? Meeting planners understand the importance of making sure that their events provide information to their audience. But what about inspiration, as well fun? Isn’t inspiration and having fun a component of helping people achieve more? Take a look at these 5 reasons to understand why a meeting or event planner should utilize a funny motivational speaker at a meeting or conference.

Steps for Successful Internet Marketing As a Public Speaker

Marketing is a fundamental key to success in any business today. To be truly successful you have to apply a variety of marketing strategies to attract potential clients. This is as true for speakers as it is for any other business. Learning how to use the Internet to your advantage will help you make a name for yourself and increase your profits. This article provides helpful tips for using Internet marketing.

Polish Your Presentation Skills

Changes in technology has created a population with a much shorter attention span. Learn how to polish your skills so that you can reach an audience that lives by the sound bite.

Discover How to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking With 5 Powerful Steps!

Out of the TOP TEN FEARS, public speaking is #1! Does speaking in public leave you with a knot in your stomach and a fear of being embarrassed by your presentation. Discover how to eliminate this fear and speak with confidence, credibility and even be compelling! You probably are convinced that this could not be you. No one understands the nervousness that you feel, the anxiety, the doubt and the absolute belief that you simply cannot make a quality presentation. Well you can and will leave this fear behind…by following 5 simple steps.

3 Secrets To Writing A Really Great Speech

When it’s really important that a speech that you’re giving make an impact on your audience, then it’s going to be really important that you do a good job of writing the speech. Hmm, so I’m sure that you can write a speech, but do you know how to write a great speech? It turns out that there are three characteristics that every great speech has (that are even more important than presentation tips!

How To Handle Empty Seat Syndrome in Public Speaking

It’s happened to every public speaker that has any mileage. You’re using a large room but expecting only a few attendees for a particular presentation. You scan the place and ponder your situation. Then you start to get that heavy feeling because you know that a room only a third full of people scattered about looks even emptier and feels more cheerless than a room that actually is empty.

5 Common Mistakes Motivational Speakers Make

Are you a motivational speaker or have been assigned the task of giving a motivational speech? If so, be sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes that unsuccessful motivational speakers make.

Facts About the Art of Persuasion

The art of persuasion can be applied to a variety of situations, from regular conversations to important meetings. Persuasion is used by politicians, marketers, advertisers, and even by your tough teachers back in high school. Persuasion, unlike power, has the capacity to reach out and introduce new concepts and ideas to a wide array of people without the need to resort to threats or punishment.

What Speakers Can Learn From Paul Harvey’s Success Formula

Broadcaster Paul Harvey captivated listeners for seventy-six years, speaking at the pinnacle of his career to a radio audience estimated at 24 million people weekly. What made him so appealing for so long–and what can you learn from Paul Harvey’s approach that will elevate your speaking skills? This article identifies four of his traits that you can apply to become a favorite with your audiences.

Improving Your Presentation Skills: Handling Unexpected Speaking Requests

Whenever you attend a meeting at work or in the community, you may well encounter an unexpected request. This is especially true if you have been improving your presentation skills. So, now what?

3 Sales Lead Generation Steps for Professional Speakers

Professional speakers can generate sales through a number strategies. Learn 3 valuable steps to generating sales leads as a professional speaker.

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