Why You Should Keep Working For As Long As You Can

Three Key Elements of Every Great Speech

These three elements are powerful ingredients that must use in every speech if you want your audience to keep listening long after you have finished speaking. They take their roots in ancient Greece. The ancient Greek orators studied the most effective speeches ever made in all of history and reached the conclusion that all those speeches had these three elements.

What on Earth is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is simply the art of speaking in public. Did I hear you say “duh”? Well, let’s have a more elaborate definition.

Some Help to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is a common one. It’s often said that we fear speaking in public even more than we fear death. Trouble is, we often have to speak in public whether we like the idea or not.

Public Speaking – Deer in the Headlights Moment!

Ever had that deer in the headlights feeling when called on to answer a question in front of a group? Try this simple process to eliminate fear, quickly respond, and look smart doing it.

Your Soft-Spoken Voice is Not an Asset – It is a Liability!

Speaking in a normal volume of sound can be especially tricky for the soft-spoken. If you are asked to repeat yourself or are often interrupted, then you should consider remedying the problem if you expect others to hear what you have to say. Those who are unable to hear you, tire of asking you to repeat yourself. And, in most cases, you will lose control of the conversation because those with bigger voices will take over the conversation.

Leaving Speeches – How to Give a Memorable Leaving Speech

It’s your last day at work and after the department lunch you’re going have to give a leaving speech. You have no idea what to say. Don’t worry, this article will help you give a memorable farewell speech with these easy tips.

Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear by Using Humor in Your Speech

This is one of the most powerful ways of not only getting and keeping your audience’s attention, but making a connection with your audience so that the effects of fear don’t creep into your mind and ruin your speech. How can you use humor in your speeches?

Get Rid of A Public Speaking Fear by Making Your Speech Interactive

This is one of the easiest ways to develop a genuine connection with your audience, and break out of the mindset of just giving a lecture that you think no one wants to hear. What do I mean by making a speech interactive?

Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear by Dressing For Success

In this article, who we will be discussing how the way you look can dramatically affect the way your speech is received, and can impact your fear of public speaking. First of all, how should you dress when you’re giving a presentation?

Public Speaking Guide – Leave Your Best Impression With Your Audience Every Time

Regardless of how experienced you are as a speaker, the thought of how the audience will think about you will have surely crossed your mind many times. If you are always worried about what your audience thinks about your speech, here is a short public speaking guide to guarantee a good impression amongst your audience.

Why Not Address Your Fears of Public Speaking Instead of Being Consumed by Them?

Yes, man’s greatest fear is public speaking. The statistics tell us so. Instead of being part of those statistics, however, why not address those fears and learn how to put your nervousness to good use? Of course your first response is to question how that is possible. How do you take your nervousness and let it work for you and not against you?

The 3 Things You Need to Do to Increase Your Volume Without Shouting

Recently, I worked with an NFL player in voice and presentation skills. During his 3rd session, he discovered the techniques for increasing his volume without shouting which I refer to as projection. He was stunned. It did not hurt his throat; it sounded better; and, his voice carried with more depth and breadth.

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