Why Quitting Cigarettes is So Diifficult

Elevators and Public Speaking

Flipping through a magazine the other day, I noticed an article on the behaviors we adopt when in an elevator with strangers. It reminded me of the Psychology class I took in college. The article, and the project from my college class, were both based on our behavior in confined spaces and what it says about us. From such applications, we can learn to improve our public speaking with a little practice.

Getting Over Your Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the topics that clients bring to coaching or counseling is the fear of public speaking, the nervousness that sets in when they stand in front of a crowd or when they have to present to a group of board members as part of their role at work. If you want to know how to overcome this fear, you might want to read this article.

What Is Fear Of Public Speaking?

One of the topics that clients bring to coaching or counseling is the fear of public speaking, the nervousness that sets in when they stand in front of a crowd or when they have to present to a group of board members as part of their job. If any of these applies to you, you might want to read this article.

How to Use a Story to Engage Your Audience

The secret to engaging your audience and establish a rapport is in the stories you tell. Good stories get your audience thinking you are one of them.

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips: How To Overcome Your Nerves And Give A Perfect Speech

Public speaking can be a nerve wracking experience at the best of times. Even professional performers often get stage fright. So what can you do to help overcome your nerves? Here are some public speaking anxiety tips to help you give a better speech next time.

3 Possible Reasons Why You Are Asked to Repeat Yourself (A Lot!)

Are you frustrated because others constantly ask you to repeat yourself? Especially because you think they should have heard or understood you the 1st time? If you frequently hear, “What did you say?” then maybe it is time for you to discover exactly why your message is not being received.

Public Speaking Is the Art of Communicating WITH an Audience

If you are looking for the best means of delivering a speech or presentation, the first thing you need to understand is that public speaking is a form of oral communication with an audience. Too often, speakers do not recognize that this form of delivery is a 2-way street. They assume that the role of the audience is to sit and listen.

3 Tips For Public Speaking Confidence

For most people it doesn’t even matter how many people they are speaking in front of. It could be 5 people, or 5 million, yet the feeling of terror would be the same. People have different reasons for their phobias and fears, but these confidence boosting public speaking tips can make the difference.

6 Steps to Get Rid of Stage Fright

Public Speaking is a must for success. The ability to speak is the common factor among the top leaders in any field. Here we discuss the importance of public speaking and introduce the 6 steps to get rid of stage fright.

Three Components of Communication You Need to Master and Utilise Effectively

Over the years, global research on public speaking and communication made available has posited that there are three components of communication. In other words, for every speech that you make, for every declaration made in the hearing of others and for every announcement that is made in the presence of other people there are three major components and they are Content, Vocal and Non-verbal in that order not necessarily as it relates to importance anyway. The focus of this piece is to look at the three components in detail one after the other and to put forward the most suitable form of communication that will enhance the reception of your message.

Voice Care for the Professional Speaker

How to prepare the voice before a speech or presentation, and what to do if you get an infection when you have to use your voice effectively. A useful article for business people, teachers, trainers, TV & radio presenters, or anyone who needs to use their voices professionally.

How To Improve Public Speaking – 2 Tips To Increase Your Focus and Speaking Power

The most crucial part of how to improve public speaking is to define your goals and how you are going to achieve them. The second most important element is to research and thoroughly prepare each speech, rather than relying on time-consuming and potentially dangerous memorisation. In this way you will gain full control of your speaking material and your speech will come across as natural and unforced.

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