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Speaking in Public Fear Transformed

Developing skills as a speaker and dealing with any fear of speaking in public will provide an opportunity for transformation. The reward for reconciling rather than suppression of public speaking fear and anxiety is the discovery of Excitement and Anticipation. Through this your audience will see your attributes as a Leader and Influencer of people.

Embrace Your Fears – One of 50 Ways How Not to Suck at Public Speaking

According to George Jessal, the human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public… but we can fix that! I’ve worked with hundreds of people who have suffered from this fear, myself included, and without exception, I’ve seen each and every one of them find ways to overcome, or at least learn to manage it and go on to become far more confident and accomplished presenters. Now it’s your turn.

Remember What Happens When A Speaker Stops Growing

As speakers, you’d hope that we’d always be looking for ways to boost our speaking skills. However, it turns out that all too often this is not the case. The can be many reasons, but the end result is the same: we reach a given level in our speaking and then we just “hold” there.

If Your Listeners Pull Back When You Are Talking, Then You Are Too Loud

During a recent 2-day workshop I was holding, one of the participants was a lovely woman by the name of Angie who had a big, nasal voice. When she got excited, not only did the pitch of her speaking voice rise, but her volume increased as well. Does that sound familiar?

The Value of Winging It Vs How to PowerPoint – An Independent Consultant’s View

Winging it is my preferred way of making a presentation which I believe offer significant value to both the audience and the presenter. Nevertheless as I recounted in a previous article, in that so many of my audiences have become accustomed to anticipate a PowerPoint presentation, I have decided to integrate it within my preferred style of Winging It. In this article, I will discuss the value of winging it as well as How to PowerPoint effectively to keep the audience engaged.

Speaking Opportunities Are Business Opportunities and More!

We perceive really good speakers as experts. Perception is reality, and we like to work with experts – correct?

Public Speaking On Video – 5 Tips to Effectively Communicate Your Message With Your Viewers

Sadly most businesses don’t delve into video marketing simply because they’re afraid of public speaking. This article will share some tips on exactly how you can speak professionally on video.

Delivering Memorable Presentations With Visual Aids

Just like in public speaking, many people find giving a presentation, especially to a large group, to be a tremendous challenge. It is very likely that at some time in your career as a business person, you will be asked to make a presentation to workshops, partners, or colleagues. Being a little nervous is a sign that you want to do well, but just as in public speaking being overly nervous or scared might pose a problem. With a little practice you can learn to overcome your anxieties or fears and make informative and memorable presentations.

Famous Speeches Create Famous Speakers

Those of us who watch those confident speakers give their eloquent speeches up on the dais are thoroughly impressed by how truly at ease they must be. For having the ability to stand up in front of a large crowd of people and give an oration, be it a motivational message, a story, or a sales spiel must be a “gift” that only a few are blessed with.

Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, Role Model For Speaking

Whatever our interests and aspirations, role models help us. They give us standards for judging our performance and progress, and challenge us to develop our skills beyond current limits. Are you eager to become a superlative speaker? Then your ideal role model could easily be Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Alabama minister thrust into the international spotlight through his leadership of the civil rights movement, starting with the 1955 boycott of the Montgomery, Alabama bus system by black men, women, and children who refused to wear the shackles of segregation any longer.

Have You Ever Said Something That Came Back to Haunt You?

I had a call from a former client recently inviting me to speak at her Businesswomen’s Networking Group. She had seen me deliver a twenty minute presentation four years before. The audience was a group of aspiring business women about to complete their business studies degrees at Cambridge Anglia Ruskin University. My client commented that my recommendations about “Buying Cycles” had had a profound effect on her – positively influencing the way she did her marketing. I was, of course, flattered that my presentation had such an impact; the problem was I couldn’t remember the presentation or the key message which she had taken away from it.

Speaking: How To Communicate Your Unique Truth When Speaking

When you’re speaking in public, your audience wants to believe you. They want to connect with you and your message, so make it easy for them. Follow this simple guideline to help them make that vital connection with you.

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