Why Does Chris Pratt Get So Much Online Hate?

Good Voice Training Is the Best Preventative for Vocal Abuse

What many people may not understand about vocal abuse is that changing only one aspect of your vocal delivery will stop vocal abuse in its tracks. Done. Over. Finished. It is truly amazing when you realize that, aside from abuse which may be caused by certain prescriptive medications, chronic hoarseness, persistent sore throats and even loss of voice can be eliminated simply by changing where you place your voice.

Organizing a Speech – The Five Steps Required

So you have to give a speech! It could be for a friend’s wedding, for an eulogy, or a presentation at work. No matter what the reason if you are not used to public speaking your first thought might be “how can I get out of it.” But don’t panic as I can help you overcome your fears with organizing a speech.

How to Write and Deliver a Eulogy

Writing a eulogy is never easy. It’s always written in a hurry and under very upsetting circumstances. Being asked to give the eulogy is a great honor and responsibility.

Keys to Successful Public Speaking

Now there are just two things that make up a successful public speaker, and those two things are information (or knowledge) and practice. It may seem obvious, but to speak about something (anything) you need to have a stock of ideas in the first place. The best way to get the ideas flowing is to make a practice of thinking about things. Everyone has ideas upon various topics that occur to them in the course of a day.

Motivational Speakers and Their Duty

Speakers are of many types and so are their speeches too. Every person can become as a speaker but only a few of them excel in their field. Among all speakers motivational speaker are considered to be as most popular speaker in every industry.

Help, I Have to Give a Wedding Toast

If you are terrified at the thought of giving a toast, do not feel alone. A current poll showed that many people fear public speaking more than dying! This can be especially true for you if you have not done any public speaking and feel very self-conscience about being in front of a lot of people. That makes speaking in front of possibly hundreds of wedding guests a horrifying thought.

Storytelling Techniques: 9 Guidelines for Storytelling In Any Situation

Having a good sense of storytelling techniques is important for people involved in any form of communication. Unlike other ways to express a story, storytelling takes place in the moment between the storyteller and listener. It is a unique experience. Here are nine storytelling tips to use when you want to make the most of the story you have chosen.

How to Defeat Your Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is the thing that most people list as their number one fear. Many live in fear of speaking in public their whole life, without taking the time to try and achieve the skills that they need to defeat that fear. Anyone can overcome even the strongest fears given proper training, coaching, and practice.

3 Techniques to Help Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

There will come a time in the life of most people when they will have to speak in front of more than 5 people at a time. Public speaking doesn’t necessarily mean a podium and a microphone. My first introduction to public speaking was in the class room and I was in the 10th grade.

Public Speaking Essentials – How to Break Down the Barriers Between You and Your Audience

We can use 4 specific techniques to break down the barriers between you, the presenter, and your audience. When you have removed these barriers, you can be much more successful at presenting your ideas, motivating your audience, and bring about your desired outcomes. Use these 4 techniques in your nest presentation.

Grow Your Speaking Business Like A Donut Shop

If you want to succeed as a paid public speaker, what would you say if I told you that you should take a lesson from Dunkin’ Donuts? When I ask speakers what they’re doing to grow their businesses, most say they’re either (a) trying to raise their fees or (b) trying to book more dates. Today I present option (c).

Four Ways To Show Your Audience That You Hate Them (Not!)

Giving a great speech is one thing, understanding how to not give a bad speech can be something completely different. Lots of self-help books, trainers, and blogs will show you a 1,000 different ways to become a better speaker, but maybe what you really need is some suggestions on what you should NOT be doing?

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