Why Chuck Palahniuk Enjoys Making People Uncomfortable

Give a Speech To How Many People? How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking can be immobilizing for those who suffer with this condition. Contrary to popular belief, individuals are not born with a fear of speaking in front of others. The following speaking tips can gradually help one to alleviate their fear of public speaking and the anxiety that normally comes as well.

Being Nervous Before Your Speech Is Normal – Just Don’t Let It Consume You!

I was 17 years old and giving my first speech in my senior speech class. I gripped the lectern with all my might to hide my shaking hands, and started speaking, mortified by the quaver in my voice. Now I speak for a living. I still get nervous before every presentation or talk, but now I use that nervousness to help pump me up.

Speakers: Improve Your Speeches by Creating Your Own Story Files

“Once Upon a Time…” Some of our best childhood memories start with these words. We know that children love stories. But sometimes we forget that “big kids” still learn best from stories, too. Stories are often one of the very best ways to get your key points remembered. Great speakers are also great storytellers.

Improve Your Public Speaking Skills – Success Stories

There is one tried and true method to improve your public speaking skills, that actually works. No matter what anyone tells you, we learn to do by doing. That’s why I love Emerson’s quote “do the thing said Emerson and you shall have the power” those are not empty words, but words of wisdom.

How To Write A (Good) Political Speech

Political speeches, for the most part, are forgettable. Except when they aren’t. If you’ve spent any time listening to the types of speeches that politicians are giving these days, they are basically junk (the Phil Davison, GOP Candidate, Delivers Stark County Treasurer Speech on YouTube is a classic bad speech). The question is whose fault is this: the speech writers or the speech givers? I’m willing to bet that the art of writing a good political speech has been forgotten by far too many speechwriters. I’m going to solve that problem right now…

Gestures: What Do I Do With My Hands When I’m Speaking?

When Barack Obama was campaigning for the presidency in 2008 he was advised by his staff to change one of his gestures. He had a habit of pointing his index finger at the audience when he was making a point. Obama was advised to change that gesture to just holding up his index finger. What’s the difference? As it turns out, there’s a huge difference.

Teenage Topics For Keynote Speakers

So you have been invited to be the next keynote speaker at a school conference and you don’t know what to tell the audience of teenagers. The following are topics to choose from when speaking to a teenage group, relationships, leadership and drug and alcohol prevention.

Speaking at School Assemblies Is Frightening

Have you ever considered speaking at a middle school or high school assembly? You may not have but rest assured that some people are speaking to teenagers at schools across America for a profession. They are getting paid a decent amount for every speech they give at a school.

Signature Speech Is About Why You Are You

In the beginning of ones speaking business, he has to assemble what is commonly called his or her signature speech or trademark speech. One of the most important aspects of the talk is that it should lead into paid bookings. This speech is not one you want to gum up otherwise you may not be asked to other engagements. Details are explained in this article for giving your first signature speech.

Public Speaking Anxiety – Three Tips To Get Rid Of It

Decide you’ll get a lot of practice. It is important to practice a lot since it avoids closing yourself in ‘theory box’ and making visible results impossible.

3 Simple Tips To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is the number one fear that people have? Even if you are a confident speaker, the idea of standing in front of people and speaking can be a daunting prospect that is simply too much for most people. While we are share this fear, those who overcome it are those who can excel in life.

Top 7 Questions About Your Speaking Voice

Most people are not very clear on what a good voice means and how to develop a good voice. Following are the questions I’m asked often during my training and coaching. It will help you clarify certain misconceptions and build a solid foundation for your own voice improvement.

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