Why Chef Jesse Griffiths Takes People Hunting

US Career Institute Review

This is an excerpt from a speech about the US Career Institute. Read this great review about a great Institute for higher learning.

How Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) Use Passion to Wow Their Clients at Every Single Event

How did the most successful, high-earning Public Speakers and Masters of Ceremonies get to the top? Passion. Being passionate about your career vs. just going through the motions is equivalent to sipping sparkling champagne from a $1000 bottle vs. downing cheap plonk from a box. Find out how to discover, feed and channel your passion.

Just How Powerful Is Nonverbal Communication?

As speakers we are always being reminded that how we communicate with our audience has more to do with our body language than our words. Wherever did this idea come from? I can’t tell you how many speech training courses I’ve been to where the person running the course stood up there and said that despite the importance of public speaking 93% of our communication with an audience is done non-verbally. Ok, but how did they determine this?

Why Every Master of Ceremonies (MC) Should Know Their Scripts Off By Heart

Awesome MCs are spontaneous. But here’s the thing – the best MCs know their scripts off by heart. Confused? Well, pro MCs use their talent to hide the hours of preparation and keep well-rehearsed scripts fresh and exciting. Only when you know your scripts off by heart can you focus deeply on delivering an outstanding, enthralling performance.

5 Actionable Tips to Update Your Master of Ceremonies (MC) Style

Your stage clothes don’t talk, but they speak volumes about your personality and personal brand. The professional Master of Ceremonies’ look must communicate professionalism and style. Here are 5 actionable tips to update your style and keep your MC career fresh and thriving.

10 Skills Every Successful Master of Ceremonies (MC) Has Mastered

Successful MCs have mastered hundreds of skills in order to delight their clients, captivate their audiences, get tons of referrals and bookings, and get a fat pay check after every event. Here are 10 of the most important. Have you mastered all of them?

How To Make Humor Work For You In Your Next Speech

The good news is that you’ve been asked to give a speech (trust me on this one, it is good news). The bad news is that the topic that you’ll be talking about is dreadfully boring. Or your audience is an audience that has the world’s shortest attention span no matter what you’ll be talking about. No matter which situation you find yourself in, despite the importance of public speaking you’ve clearly got a challenge on your hands. You are going to need to find a way to capture your audience’s attention and then hold on to it during your entire speech. It turns out that what your speech is going to need is a bit of humor…

The Power of Forensic Listening: An MC’s Secret Weapon

Professional Masters of Ceremonies (MC) seem like they have Jedi mind-reading powers. They know what happened at the wedding ceremony, or what happened hours before the product launch began. They’ve got a hilarious anecdote about an important guest. Best of all, they delight their audience and impress their clients by weaving these stories into their introductions, speeches and announcements later on. Learn how to do that here.

Outward Insight

Those of you who write frequently know what I mean when I say that sometimes in tapping out messages, assignments, articles, and essays words spring onto the screen as if by magic. Yes, sometimes we have to think, ponder, and wait for the right flow to come but at other times, they just happen. Outward insight is just such a word combination that tromped into my brain as I reflected on being a presenter.

Stand OUT! Public Speaking Tip: Nobody Cares About Your Powerful Life-Changing Story

Storytelling has become a hot topic in the business world. According to a Hall of Fame speaker, “Nobody care about your personal story of overcoming heartache or tragedy.” How can she say this, when storytelling is considered to be the heart of speaking? Read on and see if you agree with her

The Secret Of How To Use A Story In A Speech

As public speakers it seems like we’ve been told forever that using stories as a part of our speech is a powerful tool. Stories are part of the importance of public speaking. However, what’s been missing from this advice is just exactly how to go about using stories in our speech. I mean, do stories need to take over our speech in order to be effective? Should we only tell short stories? What’s the right way to go about using this powerful tool?

Public Speaking Tip: Connect With Your Audience WITHOUT Saying a Word

Want to create a deeper level of trust and connection with your audience when you speak? Try this tip that is used by the best, most influential presenters. At first glance, it seems like an oxymoron, but it is a powerful tool to create buy-in to your message.

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