Why Carole Hooven Wanted to Study Testosterone

How to Maximize Your Reach and Revenue in Public Speaking

Conferences are a very expensive way to market your company and yourself. You often need to give out free tickets, hotel accommodation and much more. If you have got a chance at speaking in a conference or an industry event, work on how you can increase your reach and revenue. It is because the greater your audience, the lower will be your variable cost.

My Pet Gripe

My fellow readers, I am of the opinion that the word “gripe” should be struck off the register of English words. It should be erased from the dictionary. It serves no useful purpose and has a negative influence on our lives. Our author talks about gripes he could have but chooses not to have. He discusses how we all should look for the positives in our lives and dwell on the negatives that take the pleasure of living away from us.

3 Ways To Become A Strong Speaker

I’m sure that we’d all like to be a strong, confident speaker. The big question that we all face is just exactly how can we go about getting from where we are today to becoming the strong speaker that we’d all like to become? Nope, there’s no magic pill that will make this happen; however, there are a few skills that if we take the time to practice will serve to make us much stronger speakers.

How to Deliver Trainings Effectively

Training is a very effective way to build people within and outside your organization. It is one skill that you need to learn as a professional so you can deliver value in your organization.

The Interview: Lessons in Humility

Once I realized that writing was exactly like other businesses my husband John and I had done together; some extremely successfully; others not so much, I accepted the fact that promoting this new novel will be no different. Therefore, I hired a publicist to help promote the events planned for the Texas trip.

How to Successfully Pitch Your Technology to Investors

Technology inventors know all about their technology, but have a difficult time getting investments so they can take their invention to the next stage. Here are helpful tips on what to include in your pitch when presenting to potential investors.

Play It by Ear

I begin this speech this evening under the assumption that no one in this room is deaf. Then, if one is deaf, then we can presume that he or she cannot “Play it by Ear”. This speech looks at the problems of “Playing it by ear”. In particular, it highlights the poor listening skills many of us have. The speech won “The Impact Award” of the night at a local Rostrum club.

What Is a Speech?

If you are a public speaker it is important to understand the wide variety of kinds of speeches one may deliver. The speaker must ask, “What kind of speaker am I?” “What kind of speech is required in this situation?” “What is my audience expecting to hear?” “If I choose the wrong topic, subject, or style of delivery will I communicate effectively?”

Presentation Jitters? How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking

Be a more confident presenter. Overcome the fear of speaking by recognizing what’s holding you back. Next, practice a few easy-to-use techniques that can get you started on your way to giving a polished, confident presentation.

How Public Speakers Can Master Virtual Presentations

Welcome to the 21st Century! In the past, we always stood in front of real, live people when we gave a presentation and we all knew how to do that. Now everything seems to have changed and with the arrival of both powerful laptops and high-speed Internet connections, we are now being asked to conduct virtual presentations where there is no audience. What’s a speaker to do?

A Stitch in Time Saves Time

This three minute speech allows the speaker to re-enforce in the minds of his audience all those cherished ideals they have of getting the most out of their lives. He speaks about the six principles of time management which leads to how to set up a “To Do” list and create ‘smart’ goals i. e. ones that are specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic and time focussed. He leaves his audience with this advice. “Proper planning prevents poor performance”.

Imagine the Audience Is in Their Underwear? You Must Be Kidding!

When I first heard the phrase, ‘imagine your audience is sitting in their underwear,’ I thought the speech coaches who suggested this were kidding. But they’re not. They are serious. They believe that by focusing on this visualization, you will eliminate your nervousness.

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