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Presentations – Overcoming Nervousness

We have all had moments in life when we have had to deal with public speaking, whether this is an academic presentation or something larger, i.e. teaching a classroom full of people. A lot of people have been known to suffer from nervousness when dealing with such situations. There are a number of ways to overcome this, which are different for each individual.

Speaking – How to Appropriately Recognize Special Guests During Your Speech

Introducing a special guest during your speech can be embarrassing to both yourself and your guest. But it doesn’t have to be. In this article you’ll discover seven questions to help you determine how best to appropriately recognize special guests.

A Mirror To Your Soul

After recently giving a keynote speech I recall hearing all of the comments from the guests of this meeting. Your story really shows how you have persevered…

Presentation Training and Learning How to Overcome Fears

Learning how to overcome fears of public speaking has never been so tough when you do it alone. The good news is that there is presentation training out there to help with all of your public speaking needs.

Speaking Tips – Avoiding Unnecessary Movement

Unnecessary movement can prove to be a speech-killing irritant to your audience. In this article you’ll discover seven tips for avoiding unnecessary movements.

Public Speaking: Short on Time to Prepare? Create an Outline and Give Your Speech From Your Heart

I like to write my speeches out word for word and advise others to do this as well. That way you can time exactly how long the speech will be and plant it in your mind by reading it over and over. You can add and remove words and move paragraphs around until it’s exactly the way you want it to be.

Three Interesting Techniques To Overcome Your Public Speaking Fear

Public speaking fear is so common that a lot of suggestions keep pouring in day in and day out from diverse quarters to help people overcome this handicap. People who suffer from the fear of public speaking find some of these suggestions interesting and worthwhile but most of them rarely make any effort to put these suggestions into practice.

Public Speaking: Make Your Conclusion Memorable

All speeches consist of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. This article will focus on the conclusion of an informative speech. The conclusion is a vitally important part of your speech. Make sure that you devote the necessary time to making it strong and memorable.

Public Speaking: Start With a Killer Introduction

All speeches consist of 3 segments: an introduction, a body and a conclusion. This article will focus on the introduction of an informative speech. The purpose of the introduction is to “hook” your audience. If you don’t capture their attention in the first sentence or two they will start to slip away. Yes, it really does happen that quickly.

Public Speaking: The Body of Your Speech

All speeches need an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The article will address the Body portion of the informational speech.

Tips to Remember in Public Speaking

It is often suggested that public speaking is the Number One fear of most people. This is especially true for people who do not realize that simple and easy-to-remember tips in public speaking do exist. The following are proven techniques which are geared towards making anyone to be effective in public speaking.

The Proper Way of Breathing in Public Speaking

Have you ever had the experience when you are delivering a speech and suddenly you feel like choking, as though only a thin amount of air is passing through your nostrils and lungs? Maybe that’s because you don’t know proper breathing techniques that are one of the most important tips in public speaking. There is a precise way of breathing during public speaking.

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