What Michael Pollan Learned from Quitting Caffeine for 3 Months

Want To Sound More Like An American? Master This Skill!

If English is not your first language, then you realize that your speech sounds different from that of native American English speakers. Many people think that by just improving their pronunciation, they will sound more American. While reducing an accent is obviously one important skill you definitely want to improve, there are other changes that you can make in your speech that will help you sound more American, and it just might not be the first one that comes to mind! In this article, you will learn how using the correct melody can make your English sound more natural!

Mastering The Eulogy

Man, if there is one type of speech that I don’t look forward to, it’s a eulogy. I mean, what an incredibly sad time – someone has just died. Since I’m going to be at the funeral you know that I knew them and so I’m going to be very sad. Now you want me to stand up in front of everyone else who is sad and try to give a speech? That sure seems like it might be asking just a bit too much. However, those other sad people need some comfort in their time of loss. Perhaps my speech can provide them with just part of what they need. Dang it, I guess that I need to do this.

Your Voice and Public Speaking

Your voice is your greatest asset. Your speech may be a brilliant production but that means nothing if you cannot speak effectively to get your message across. You can use your voice in many different ways to gain attention. Included in this article are eleven strategies that our author learnt as a member of a public speaking club and used to great effect to gain entry to finals of public speaking competitions in Queensland.

PA Systems Explained

Are you looking to rent or purchase a PA system, but you don’t know your microphone from your amplifier? Then you may want to pay attention to this article, as we go about explaining what PA systems are, and the different areas that you should be aware of.

The Last Speech

When we are asked to give a eulogy for someone who has recently died, for most of us our heart sinks. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of death and so being placed in a position where I have to give a speech to an emotionally upset audience is not something that I seek out. However, it turns out that in terms of the importance of public speaking, eulogies are important to those who the deceased have left behind. A good eulogy can be a critical part of the healing process. That is, if you do the eulogy correctly.

9 Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Many people have a fear of getting in front of an audience and speaking. It’s a great way to grow brand awareness. Here are 9 tips to get over your fear.

The Most Powerful Storytelling Formula

One of the keys to creating interest in your story is developing curiosity. This doesn’t happen by accident. Read on to learn how to intrigue your listener, keep their attention and compel them to hear what you have to say.

The Hardest Speech To Give

When you sit down to create an eulogy, it can be a real challenge to try to figure out where to start. The person who passed on, hopefully, lived a full life. You only have a short period of time in which to say some words about them that may bring some comfort to their family and friends. Where should you start?

Stand OUT Speaking Tip: How to Sell in Less Than 30 Seconds

Think it’s impossible to sell an idea in just a few seconds? You can do it, IF you know the process.

Tips & Best Practices for Making an Impactful Public Speech

For some professionals, public speaking may be an overwhelming task. However, if carried out with proper forethought, preparation, and conviction, a public speech can instantly garner the attention of the listeners.

How To Make Your Next Speech Your Best One Yet!

Every time you give a speech, you need to have a goal. In fact, you may have many different goals for a given speech. However, one goal that you always need to have is to understand the importance of public speaking and make sure that this speech is better than all of the speeches that you’ve ever given before. There are a lot of different things that can stand in your way including feeling as though your audience is judging you and not knowing how best to prepare for a speech.

14 Ways to Book More Speaking Engagements

While some writers cringe at the thought of public speaking, some authors speak as effortlessly and effectively as they write. Just because the words flow, though, doesn’t mean the speaking engagements do. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established local speaker looking to expand your booking radius, there are lots of resources for you to use in your search to be heard.

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