What George Kambosos Jr. Learned from Training with Manny Pacquiao

Picture Your Audience in Their Underwear

If you were ever nervous about public speaking, you might have heard that piece of tired advice. It’s bad advice. Ignore it.

What Is Your Face Saying in Public Speaking – Dismay Or Delight?

Think about the last time you addressed an audience. It may have been a requirement for your job, for your presentation skills class, for Toastmasters, or for your leads group. Maybe you toasted the bride or groom or were introducing a guest speaker at your Rotary or Lions Club. What was the expression on your face? Did it say that you were glad to be there or was abject fear written all over it?

How to Say It With Less Words

You have been asked to present a report to management. You have two hours worth of information but only 20 minutes to speak. What a dilemma! How do you get your message across? How will you decide what to leave out? And will management punish you for leaving something out?

I Want To Become a Better Presenter

I doubt if if you have these same things holding you back. May you? Please read.

Public Speaking Skills: The First Principle of Great Presentations

We all need public speaking skills, even if it’s only the skill of asking a question at a local meeting of the Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA). Over the years I have seen even very experienced public speakers forget the most basic principle of oral (spoken) communication.

A Disabled Motivational Speaker – A True Role Model for Struggling Children

The amount of difficult decisions and situations children are forced to deal with continually increases. Our youth needs the appropriate inspirational role models to learn the right way to handle these problems and do well. A disabled motivational speaker has the personal significance to teach children the importance of making the right decisions. These speakers have experienced criticism and struggled daily. They serve as a positive example of someone turning a tough situation into a positive outcome.

How to Write a Presentation Or Speech

Step by step process on how to write a speech or presentation. Good speeches flow in a logical format and are easy to listen to. Knowing this sequence or pattern will make writing a speech so much easier.

Beginning the Search for a College Keynote Speaker

College students are an interesting group for speakers. They are learning the ways of the world but are still in a state that requires unique ways of sparking interests. A college keynote speaker must be adaptable. The regular college audience has many opposing views, interests, and mindsets. These gatherings are not like the traditional business meeting that goes over statistics, areas of improvement, and company changes.

Christian Keynote Speakers – Why Is Their Presentation Valuable?

A keynote presentation is the attention grabber of most events. It is the first speech delivered and serves the purpose of kicking off the event. It is common tradition for the Christian keynote speaker to present first, but when they present is entirely up to the event coordinator.

How To Make A Presentation for First Time

Finally, I was able to do a first time presentation to an audience about the topic “Loving Your Neighbor”. The goal of my topic was to be able to explain the meaning of Christian love and to help us in applying in our daily lives.

Christian Inspirational Speakers – Try a New Approach at Your Next Motivational Event

Christian speakers are most known for their spiritual guidance abilities at religious gatherings. They can discuss values and give personal examples of these values relate to everyday life. Effective presenters can teach audience members the importance of living a peaceful and hassle free lifestyle by remaining true to their faith. Christian motivational speakers come in a large variety.

Business Speakers Bureau – Consider Help From Professionals When Planning Time Is Limited

Finding a speaker for a big corporate event does not have to be a time consuming chore. A speaking bureau can do most of the work for you for the same fee that would be charged for doing the work on your own. Bureaus have to make money, so how is it possible to receive this amazing service for free?

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