What Former Intelligence Secretary Christopher Mellon Thinks of Bob Lazar

Presentation Skills: What Should You Include in Your Slides?

If you’ve decided to use slides in your presentation because you believe they will help your presentation, it’s crucial to think about what to include in your slides. Resist the temptation to write your script out in the slides. Not only is that boring for the audience to see slides full of complete sentences, but they can read faster to themselves than you can read out loud so they will finish reading the slide before you do.

Presentation Skills: Do You Really Need PowerPoint Slides?

When you are preparing a presentation, an important question to consider is: Do I really need to use slides? The answer, of course, is it depends. It depends on your purpose, your message, the time limit, the audience and the technology available. Consider the question carefully before you automatically assume that you have to have a slide deck.

Presentation Skills: The Power of the Pause

The next time that you have to give a presentation, try pausing rather than rushing from one sentence to the next – you’ll become a more powerful and effective presenter. The pause is a powerful, though underutilized presentation tool. There are several reasons why pauses are effective in presentations. First, pauses give your audience a chance to think about and absorb what you just said. Pausing also gives you a chance to breathe properly.

3 Speechwriting Secrets From The Experts

The next time that you have to sit down and write a speech, wouldn’t it be great if you could just pick up the phone and have some expert speechwriters come over to your home and lend a hand? Well I’ve got some good news, I might not be able to get the experts to come over to your house, but I picked their brains and I’m going to spill all of their secrets just for you…

Foreign Language Acquisition – Learning Factors

There are mental wanderings students undergo when learning a second language, as well as there are learning factors which negatively affect learns when faced with the challenge of acquiring a new language. The main learning factors deemed as to most influence language learning are: intelligence, aptitude, personalities, motivation, attitude, learning preference and learning beliefs.

Twelve Topic Approaches for Writing a New Speech or Refreshing an Old One

Writing a speech usually starts with a blank sheet of paper and a few dispersed ideas. Unfortunately, writing much beyond that can be challenging, especially if you’re stuck in a rut and can’t find new and creative ways to organize tired or stale material. Thankfully, there are a number of topic approaches to help get you started and deliver a compelling and inspiring message.

Customer Appreciation Ideas to Grow Your Business

One of the easiest ways to increase sales and grow your business is to attract repeat business from existing customers, and appreciation marketing is a great tool for just that. Follow these practical tips for showing current customers your appreciation for their business, past and future.

To Get Your Audience To Act – Engage Them Emotionally – Persuasive Speaking

You want your audience to first and foremost take action. How do you reach that end? How does an audience buy your product/service or how are lives changed through your message? You must first emotionally engage your audience. If you do, it will set the tone for the rest of your talk. One way to get the audience’s attention is by starting with a story.

Great Ideas for Best Man Speeches

Struggling to find ideas for best man speeches? This article will give you a structure to base your speech on and easily adapt your personal stories in order to deliver a speech full of sincerity, humor and wit. Overcome the nerves and fears with this easily adaptable structure and become the most popular man of the day.

Twelve Marketing Musts for Growing Your Speaking Business

Marketing takes time, but most businesses fail without a solid and focused commitment to a variety of marketing activities. After all, it is through marketing that customers become aware of, consider, and purchase products and services. This is equally true of event planners looking to hire speakers for an upcoming event. Use this list of marketing activities to determine if you’re business is on track for long-term success.

Saying Less, Meaning More – Communicating With Purpose

Understanding how and why we communicate is another essential step in learning how to become a strong public speaker. We interact with people every day yet most of us don’t truly process the messages we are putting out there – we tend to rush in and out of conversations without realizing what we comprehend. Learning the basic concepts of communication will give you the skills to improve your presentation framework and become a better listener.

Teaching, Preaching and Exhortation: Say It Effectively

I recently traveled out-of-state to hear a presentation by a friend, colleague and mentor on the founding bishop of the church of which he has served as the past-presiding bishop. My colleague had spent weeks preparing for this presentation to lay and ordained members of his national church and it was being videotaped for church archives. As I entered the meeting hall for the presentation I was excited for my friend and looking to gain new insights into the founding bishop who has impacted not only that faith group but many others.

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