What Brought Dave Chappelle Back

Captivate the Audience When You Speak

No matter your role in life you are constantly using your voice to influence others and the vehicle for great communication is a great voice that can magnetize, delight, and captivate an audience. Remember, the ancient Greeks discovered that the Voice is the Megaphone of your Soul.

Tips for the Maid of Honour Wedding Speech

The role of the Maid of Honour (called Matron of Honour if she is married) is similar to that of the best man, with the difference being that her duties are related to the bride. Like the best man, the Maid of Honour is usually a close friend or relative to the bride and in fact the closer the person is to the bride the better, as this will usually bring with it a closeness and understanding between the two people.

Summer Persuasion – Taking a Look at the Masterful Art of Influence and Persuasion PART 2

See “Summer Persuasion – Taking a look at the masterful art of influence and persuasion” to read Sojourner Truth’s speech, “Ain’t I a Woman.” This speech is amazing for several reasons…

The Seven Steps To Successful Public Speaking

These “Seven Steps to Successful Public Speaking” will give you a simple template so that you can confidently write & deliver speeches that engage with your audience and get results. They might not make you Kennedy or Churchill that they will increase your confidence and your impact.

Public Speaking: The Positive Effects of Nervousness

It never ceases to amaze me how many people want to get rid of their nervousness in public speaking. In truth, they should embrace that wonderful rush of adrenaline. If you’re not nervous when presenting, then I am because being overly confident is never a good thing in public speaking or any live venue for that matter.

Fifteen Tips for Writing Your Next Speech Outline

Whether you are new to public speaking or considered an old pro in the industry, public speakers at every level know the value in creating an outline. Creating an outline ensures preparation and proper coverage of the pertinent points, making it a real tool for success. Follow these fifteen tips for creating an outline for your next speech. The time and energy will serve you well.

How to Use Positive Thinking to Improve Public Speaking Skills?

There are many public speaking books that just focus on the art of public speaking. However, many neglect to explore how attitude can impact success in public speaking. Here, I will discuss how a positive attitude can improve public speaking skills.

A Racing Start In Your Public Speaking

This weekend I entered my first rowing regatta. Losing to a team that had a fantastic start made me think about similarities with public speaking. Your speech introduction is crucial in public speaking. Carefully prepare your speech and your delivery to make your audience sit up & take notice.

Father of The Bride Speech: Opening and Ending

How often do we see the father of the bride tentatively step forward and nervously stumble with his opening words of this once-in-a-lifetime speech. Sadly, this sets the scene for what’s to follow and the inevitable wishy-washy way it will end. The practical tips on how to effectively open and end your Father of The Bride speech in this enlightening article will not only ensure your listeners sit up and listen, they’ll remember your heartfelt words for years.

Four Tips for Keeping Your Content Relevant and Current

Nothing can destroy a speaker’s credibility or lose an audience faster than stale or dated material. With the plethora of current events and real stories available each day, there’s no reason for a speaker to use the same statistics, anecdotes, or quotations year in and year out. Evergreen topics can remain constant but the proofpoints should evolve with the times. Follow these tips for keeping a captive audience with up to date content.

Your Teacher Was Right – Speak To The Back Of The Room

Remember when your teacher used to tell you to “speak to the back of the room”. Well that actually has some valuable benefits on Public Speaking. Read why…

Raise The Bar By Lowering It – Permission To Be Yourself When Speaking

Here is a fresh approach to overcoming your fear of public speaking. This method is within the reach of everyone, as it focuses on emphasizing your natural, personal style when speaking in public.

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