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Public Speaking is Easier Than You Think & Fun to Boot!

While public speaking may be man’s greatest fear, you don’t have to allow it to be yours. Begin by thinking of it as a conversation between you and your audience. Such being the case, what do you normally do when you are talking to others?

What is the PersuasionX Event?

It’s highly targeted to people who sell products either from stage or online through videos, webinars or teleseminar. So, if you want to learn the powerful techniques to help you win over any audience and dramatically improve your sales, then you want to be at this event.

How to Speak Effectively

We all have to speak to a group of people sometimes in our lives. Some of you may have to do it often and to large groups, and sometimes even over the wire. This article tells you how to use voice and gestures to create the maximum effect and deliver your message with a lasting impression.

The Fear of Public Speaking Can Be Crushed

Public speaking is said to be the number one fear of people. It’s quite surprising really, especially given that we all manage to speak with confidence on any number of topics on a daily basis to a wide variety of people around us. So, what is it about public speaking that has us all quaking in our boots?

3 Steps For Acknowledging Your Audience Effectively

While the value of making eye contact with your audience is one of the most important things you can do in public speaking, it doesn’t mean that you should begin this process after you open your mouth to speak. It begins before you open your mouth and is part of the confident posture you assume in your walk.

Public Speaking Activities to Help You Become More Comfortable

What are some public speaking activities you can do to be more comfortable? Try something from this list!

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips to Get You More Comfortable

Here are some public speaking anxiety tips. These should help you become more comfortable in front of an audience.

If Only One Voice Matters, What is Yours Saying?

When I was in graduate school studying music composition, my singing professor told me that the pitch of my speaking voice was too high and proceeded to show me my ‘real’ voice. Deeper in pitch, warm and resonant, my ‘real’ voice no longer exhibited whiny, young-sounding qualities. At the same time, I was waiting on tables at an exquisite restaurant in Columbia, Maryland, by the name of King’s Contrivance.

Do You Have Public Speaking Anxiety?

Do you ever freeze when you are in front of people? When they stare back at you do you feel like they are judging every single word that comes out of your mouth?

Want to Reduce Your Public Speaking Nerves?

When you are invited to speak at an event, knowing the address of the place is not enough. If it is a large venue, you might arrive there to find that you do not know the exact location of your event.

What is the Job of Motivational Speakers?

At earlier days any person who used to speak for a longer time was termed to be as a motivational speaker. Regardless of the fact whether they are professional or an ordinary spoke person their content of presentation was not given much importance. But today the meaning of such a speaker has taken a greater place in society.

How to Achieve Success Through Effective Public Speaking

Being able to speak effectively in public is a key skill that all successful leaders and managers must master. The principles of great public speaking are the same regardless of the setting. Learn more here.

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