Top Chef’s Philip Frankland Lee on Receiving a Michelin Star

How to Reduce Filler Words

How often do you say uh, um, you know or other “filler words” to literally fill in the blank space while you are thinking of what to day? When people use filler words excessively they sound insecure or unprofessional. Read further to learn the simple method to reducing filler words.

Valuable Tips For Selecting Motivational Public Speakers

Selecting speakers for an upcoming event takes time and patience. The speech they provide is not the only impression that is important when a speaker is in front of an audience.

Motivational Guest Speakers – Why Are They Beneficial For Your Employees?

Motivation helps people deal with obstacles that occur in their work and home life. A person needs motivation when trying to reach a goal or accomplish specific daily tasks. Lack of motivation can result in decreased work performance and interest. Any individual who shares a personal story or encourages you to succeed in an endeavor is in fact providing a motivational and uplifting speech.

Are You a Stream Or a Twisted Garden Hose? Keep the Energy Flowing Between You and Your Audience

As a performance coach, I focus on the flow of energy between the speaker and the audience. When the flow is unobstructed, the rewards are great; you have a message that can change peoples’ lives, and, in turn, change the world!

Reasons Vocal Crutches Will Ruin Your Speech

Have you ever been at an event and someone was invited to speak and the first thing that came out from their mouth was ‘Hmm’, ‘You know’, ‘Hah’ or something like that? Permit me to ask, what was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard those words?

Public Speaking and How to Excel in It

Public speaking is the process of speaking with a group of people in a structured, deliberate intention to inform, influence or entertain the listeners. Today, public speaking is more on the transport of ideas and less on the speaker. Mindful of the audience are targeted by the information and ideas rather than the performance of the speaker.

5 Effective Ways to Start Your Speech

You have a great speech to deliver and you are wondering what to say at the beginning. If you just do not want to get to the subject matter right away then here are time-tested ways to begin a great speech. Remember it is best to engage your audience right from the beginning of your presentation and here are some effective methods to employ.

Try Some Public Speaking Exercises For Practice

The best way to improve your public speaking skills is to practice. But not just your actual speech over and over again. A few good exercises can help you build your confidence and give you the right techniques to make all your presentations better.

Putting Behind You the Fear of Public Speaking

Did you know that four out of ten people place fear of public speaking in the top three of their personal fears? Actually it is very likely that you are too, one of those 80% that suffer to a greater or lesser degree of this phenomenon.

Speech Writing Magic – 3 Ways to Cast a Spell Over Your Audience

When you deliver a speech you stand up straight, you speak clearly, and you have fantastic eye contact. What more could anyone ask for? How about a speech that is both memorable and magical…

10 Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Here are 10 tips to improve your public speaking skills, whether you are presenting at work, giving a toast at a wedding or receiving an award. What is the one thing that you want the audience to remember from your presentation? Put it into one sentence and you have your message – the whole point. Say it clearly and repeat it so the audience remembers it. And make sure that every example, story and statistic relates to it.

2 Vital Reasons Why You Have to Master Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of life’s skills that must be mastered. Here is why…

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