Tony Woods Spotted a Mer-Man in Seychelles

How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

No matter what scenario you are to deliver your speech in, it is important to prepare and rehearse, and keep yourself well rested and dressed to deliver an effective speech. The very thought of speaking in public can be quite difficult for most of us. The ability to maintain steady a steady pace in the rhythm of your voice is quite crucial in delivering an effective speech.

Self-Confidence and Your Life

What is the importance of self-confidence and how it affects out daily lives? Find out here!

Advanced PowerPoint – 3 Tips The Pros Use

PowerPoint is a double edged sword when it comes to giving a speech: it can be both a powerful way to add a multimedia impact to your speech or it can end up distracting your audience and taking their attention away from what you have to say. The experts know how to use this tool correctly and here are three of the ways they tame the PowerPoint beast…

Seven Vital Activities That Can Boost Evaluation Forms

No matter where you are in your business and life you are always evaluated. This goes for children and spouses, bosses… and if you’re a speaker, your audience and the feedback they give you on evaluation forms.

Lectern Or Prodium?

Many people incorrectly use the words lectern and podium interchangeably. There actually is a difference. A lectern is most commonly defined as a slanted stand that serves as a support for a speaker’s notes. It often has a microphone and a light attached. A podium is an elevated platform, as for an orchestra conductor or public speaker.

Mastering Public Speaking – 3 Tips to Become a Pro Speaker

Learning how to master public speaking is something that takes time and practice. It is a skill that is cultivated with time, hard work, and lots of actual speaking in front of audiences. There are three main factors that go into being a pro speaker: charisma, controlling nerves, and mastery of speech content.

Stress Free Maid of Honor Speeches – Create One Now

Stress free maid of honor speeches sounds too good to be true doesn’t it. But believe it or not it is possible. Using these hints and tips you will soon be on your way to having a great speech without the stress.

How to Overcome Anxiety and Give a Stunning Speech

Giving a speech is a horrifying experience for the vast majority of people. If you find yourself frequently giving speeches, but can’t seem to get the hang of it, this article can help tremendously. You’ll learn a few simple tricks that can help you feel more comfortable, and speak like a pro.

6 Career Threatening Mistakes Public Speakers Make

Most public speakers have fallen off the ladder of success as a result of some career threatening mistakes they made in the past. As a public speaker, every step you take counts, you are what people aspire or dream to become. The way you live and manage your life with few career mistakes is of high importance!

Toastmasters’ Speech – My Adventures With Women

When I was twenty four, I was living in the great state of Washington, at the Puget Sound-Bremerton Naval Shipyard, and I had a girl friend named “Fat Pauline.” Don’t ask. It’s a speech all by itself! Anyway, shipmates Phil and Archie and I played in a country & western band called, “The Sons of Sparkling Water” – you may have heard of us!

Wedding Speeches – Are You Starting to Worry?

Wedding speeches might come to be the least fun position of the wedding day for the people who really have to give the speech. At the moments you see there is a wedding coming soon or you decide to get married, being the bride and groom, wedding speeches are not the first thing that come to mind. For the people who have to make a speech the wedding speeches are likely to be the least favourite part of the wedding day.

Public Speaking – Level of Involvement

Most people have a story to tell, but these are their beliefs that control their minds, and give them the mindset to tell. It is about delivering a message; how to speak, and not end up “talking too much!”

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