Tony Woods on People Protesting Louis CK, Touring Europe

Making a Mistake in Public Speaking Is Not the End of the World – Just Ask George W Or Barack!

While man’s fear of public speaking may be greater than his fear of dying, what we fear most when standing at the lectern or the head of the boardroom table is making a fool of ourselves. Making a mistake is something that happens to the majority of famous people; yet, they survive the ordeal.

How to Be Listened to When Speaking in Public No Matter What

Let’s be honest, you never know what is your audience really interested in. You may have to give a specific lecture in a specific way for a specific public, but this doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be 100% interested in what you have to say.

Top 7 Presentation Skills For an Interactive Generation

Strong presentation skills keep an audience attentive and engaged. As the demographic of the work force changes the audience expectations of how speakers will interact also evolves. Simple tips like using inclusive language, interacting with the audience and telling interesting stories make an audience more likely to remember your message.

Less is More With a Slogan

Whether you’re a professional public speaker or someone occasionally called upon to speak at company meetings… or to prospective clients… you want to make sure your audience quickly “gets” your message. The way to do it is to brand yourself. In other words, to sum up your message with a brief, slogan-like phrase – and build your presentation around that phrase.

Be “The Man in the Arena!” TR’s Famous Speech – A Great Lesson! Be In the Arena, Not in the Crowd

Those words are still a great reminder for anyone who needs to remember that life is full of defeats and victories. We learn from both. Continue to believe in yourself and your goal of speaking. Know that each speech can be better than the last.

Running a Weekend Retreat for the Fear of Public Speaking

This short article provides strategies to overcome your nervousness before and while speaking. Everybody is different so it’s worth looking at the alternatives that you can adopt.

How to Captivate Your Audience

I remember attending my first speech workshop. I was a newbie. I didn’t know what to expect, say or do. The instructor advised me to not come prepared.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Phobia

The fear of public speaking is the most common phobia known to man. There are many ways to overcome these fears and a number of these fears are just myths that we are led to believe.

Ten Essential Do’s and Don’ts For Wedding Speeches

Make sure you know how to give the best wedding speeches! This article provides the top ten essential do’s and don’ts for making a great wedding speech and toast.

What Qualities Are Found in the Best Keynote Speakers?

Productive speakers have specific qualities that make them thrive. These qualities cannot be found in every speaker and it is vital to know what they are when you are seeking for the best keynote speakers. Common qualities that are seen in most speakers are topic knowledge, elevated energy, and a sense of direction. Qualities such as these are not an option but a necessity when a speaker is trying to involve an audience and convey a message to them.

Stop Presentation Stress – Once and For All

Stressed out about business presentations? Would you rather stay in bed, hide in the bathroom or find an excuse to leave work early than get up in front of a group? For anyone looking for strategies to reduce fear of public speaking, a new webinar training series will help you calm down, reduce stress and handle presentations like a pro.

7 Steps To Stop Losing Money and Start Presenting Like a Pro

Looking for a simple and easy way to stop losing money? Kick your presentation skills up a notch so you have a dramatic impact – every time.

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