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How to Avoid Public Speaking

If you’re looking for a simple way to avoid public speaking then you probably need to become a recluse. There are times when you absolutely have to speak in public. But if that thought fills you with dread then here are some ways that you can at least minimize the number of times you’ll have to face your fear and speak in front of a group of people.

Having Your (Own) Opinion But No Time To Build It

Not everyone likes having to do some work to form their own opinion on what’s going on around the world. But, surprisingly, almost everyone likes to have a saying on it. How can you combine the two together? Read three widely used practices by people who are fairly trained at the art of speaking about a subject while knowing little about it.

Inventing New Words

Every day new words are invented–English is an evolving language. On the other hand some words, already perfectly adequate, are mangled.

What About Aging Voices?

What happens to the voice, as one gets older? There are several factors associated with an aging voice and how well it works, or how poorly. One factor is that, as we age, we lose muscle mass, unless something is done to maintain or build it.

How Fast Is Too Fast in Speaking – Be It in Conversation or at the Lectern?

Speaking too quickly is a problem not just for those of us who hail from one of the Mid-Atlantic States, it is a problem as well for many whose 1st language is not English. One of the fastest talkers I’ve encountered in the thousands with whom I have worked was a man from Portugal. But India and some of the Asian countries can also produce speed demons.

What Your Voice Is or Isn’t Saying

Nothing is more frustrating for your listeners then when they are unable to distinguish what you really mean by what your voice is or isn’t doing. Given the wrong tone, the wrong inflection, the wrong volume or a total lack of vocal variety and your voice could be saying one thing when you mean something else.

It’s A Dog’s Life: What Dogs Can Teach Us About Public Speaking

I believe that a good mentor is more valuable than an audience with good listening skills or a set of effective presentation tips. It turns out that one individual who was more than willing to provide me with the guidance that I needed to become better has been living in my house all along. He’s my dog.

Public Seminar on Globalization in the International Hospitality and Tourism Workplace

Globalization has enhanced the diversity experienced in the hospitality and tourism industry because of its multicultural nature. Hospitality and tourism involves the movement of people from their usual surroundings, either within the country or internationally.

Public Speaking Tips

When you are presenting in front of an audience, you are performing as if you were an actor on a stage. How you are being perceived is very important. Not all people are confident when speaking in public.

Public Speaking Courses

A lot of people feel a sense of fear and anxiety about having to speak in public. If you’re reading this, then you probably have the same fears. It has been said that the fear of public speaking can be stronger than the fear of death.

Public Speaking

The art of public speaking has been around since the Ancient Greeks. I’m sure, at that time, they never imagined it would evolve into what it is today.

Practical Advice for the Aspiring Motivational Speaker

Have you ever wondered how someone can get paid to tell other people they’ve got what it takes to be successful? Doesn’t everyone realize that faith, effort and well-applied skill dramatically reduce your chances of sleeping next to a dumpster?

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