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Stop! Public Speakers Need To Step Away From The PowerPoint

When somebody asks you to give a speech do you start thinking about the PowerPoint (or Keynote for you Mac users) slides that you’ll have to create? Maybe it’s time that we all take a step back from the keyboard and those books about PowerPoint presentation tips and instead spend a moment thinking about when it’s appropriate to use PowerPoint – and when it’s not!

How To Present A Speaker To The Audience

Are you a host and is required to present a motivational speaker in an important presentation? Read on to find out how to properly introduce a speaker before the audience.

Importance of English Language

English language, as of today, has come to be known as the global language of the world. And apt it is, as the language almost single handedly, links the entire globe together. It is an international language as more than sixty percent of the world population can communicate in the language.

Secrets to Success As a Keynote Business Speaker

Over the past two decades, I have been consistently asked by speakers and media personnel – “what does it take to be a competent speaker – is it style or substance?” For some this appears to be a very obvious answer – it must be a triumph of substance over style for someone to describe themselves as a competent – but this is not as clear cut as it may seem. The fact is that companies and individuals are currently operating in an attention deficit society – statistics show we are inundated with stimuli – 100,000 words…

Ways to Get Over Stage Fright

Public speakers often suffer from stage fright, as do actors and business presenters. But stage fright can limit performance, so you need to find ways to get over it. Here are two key ways to rid yourself of stage fright and public speaking nervousness.

Your Einstein of Speeches

Albert Einstein let his imagination run up and down the isle of solutions and scenarios when his inventions come to life. We teach people interested in public speaking to superimpose themselves into a successful outcome. As a good public speaker, you have to decide what’s important to the audience and realize what you want out of it. Your imagination is the invitation to create incredible discoveries in your own little world of genius.

Become The Best Public Speaker You Can Be

Public speaking has been around for a long time, in fact since the creation of time yet quite a few people still have a fear of speaking. Discover how to master the art of public speaking and strive.

Connect With Your Great Speech

A great speech is one that the audience remembers. There is no greater compliment to a speaker than to hear “Oh, I remember your speech from last year. I’ve been using that tip you gave and it really works!” Your words are important, and so is the way you present them, with good gestures, movement and tone of voice. But what really makes your speech memorable is your connection with the audience.

A Dynamic Delivery Involves Not Just Your Vocal Variety But Your Body Language As Well

Color refers to the life, the emotion, the animation you express in speaking. Whether it is for the purposes of public speaking, a sales presentation, a formal speech, or just in normal conversation, those who speak with color are more dynamic than those who do not. In fact, those who do not are called boring.

Move on Stage But Don’t Pace

There is a big difference between moving on stage and pacing; and, I am a huge advocate of the former. The latter, however, is something you must stop if you want your audience to pay attention to your words.

A Winning Image In Public Speaking

COMMUNICATION IS MORE THAN WORDS. Your voice never conveys your whole message. Nor does your choice of words. A critical part of your presentation success is your personal appearance – your posture, eye contact, facial expressions, head movements, gestures and dress. Your image is making a difference in the way you are perceived.

Public Speaking – Three Factors You Need To Turn Out A Great Performance

Do you want to turn out a great performance in public speaking? Who doesn’t? But for many people, the desire to excel may just remain a craving and may eventually turn into a mirage. The reason is not lack of efforts but lack of an appropriate strategy.

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