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5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Hired Speaker Knows His Job

Hiring A-class conference speakers is no less of a task. In the tech world that we live in, requirements for speakers have changed drastically. Today, it takes more than just charisma, eloquence, confidence and storytelling skills to connect with the diverse audience.

The Little Known Secret of the World’s Greatest Speakers And How You Can Join Their Ranks

Years back I made a startling discovery that transformed my world and made me begin the transformation from an industry-following caterpillar to a market-leading butterfly. I discovered the closely guarded secret of the world’s greatest speakers and in this piece I share with you how you can join their ranks.

The Top 7 Mistakes Amateur Motivational Speakers Make

Motivational speaking is one of the fastest growing segments of what has come to be known as “the expert industry”, incorporating corporate training, seminars, public speaking, consulting, conferences, workshops, summits, coaching, and information marketing. Great motivational speakers like Les Brown, Hal Elrod, and Lisa Sasevich, to mention just three, will inspire you to literally walk on water.

Why You WANT To Be Nervous Before You Speak

A common misconception about public speaking is that you shouldn’t be nervous before you give your talk. Nothing could be further from the truth. To learn WHY, and HOW, to use nerves to your advantage, read on…

Start With The Car Chase, Not The Phone Call!

Have you ever watched a film or a TV drama which started with an exciting event – a car chase, a shoot-out, someone walking into a dangerous situation – then cut back to “3 days earlier” and proceeded to show you the build up to the event you had just watched? For example, they will go back to the phone call which set the whole train of events in motion.

How To Deal With Speaking Anxiety When It Comes

Speaking is hard work. As though it wasn’t hard enough, despite us knowing about the importance of public speaking, there is that pesky issue of speaking anxiety. What’s that you say? It’s when we start to understand that we’re going to be standing in front of a (potentially large) group of people and will be expected to both remember what we want to say and do a good job of delivering our message. When our bodies start to realize what we are planning on doing, that’s when the real fun starts… !

Secrets of a Poor Public Speaker

Public speaking is something we can or cannot do. Most of us pretend to like it. Although a public speaker for nearly 40 years I confess to being ill at ease when up before an audience. Anxious speakers are not alone. A public speaking test was taken by men whose occupations demand nerves of steel. These heroes had previously been wired up to test their heart rate, blood pressure and psychopathological responses to stressful situations. One of those tested was a steel erector. Every day he was perfectly at ease when trotting along bare girders 1,000 feet above ground level. Also included in the test were a fighter pilot and a celebrated mountain climber. The tests revealed these men to be perfectly calm when engaged in situations that would frighten the life out of most of us. These incredibly brave men were later wired up before addressing a live audience. On reaching the podium their blood pressure and heart rate suggested a catastrophic stressful situation.

Presentation Confidence: Find It! Create It! Groom It!

The great athletes all have one thing in common, confidence. This article will give you three tips to gain and build your confidence in presenting and public speaking.

Learn To Read Your Next Audience Like A Book

The quality of your next speech will not be determined by the amount of effort that you put into your PowerPoint / Keynote slides. It won’t be determined by your clever use of pauses and hand gestures. Instead, your level of success will depend on how well you are able to connect with your audience. It turns out that it’s not their job to connect with you (although that is what you want to have happen). Instead, due to the importance of public speaking it’s your job to connect with them. Do you know how to do this?

How YOUR Story Can Change Lives

A big challenge for many speakers – especially newer ones – often discount the value of their stories. Read on to learn how (and why) your non-famous story can create value to other.

Bouncing Back From A Really Bad Speech

I’d like to think that if we all realized the importance of public speaking and took enough time to prepare for every speech that we give then each speech would be a success. However, that’s not the way that life works. There will be times that we give speeches where things just don’t work out. We’ll end up giving a bad speech. When that happens we generally feel quite bad about it. What should we do now?

Nobody Needs Your Speech

The world is full of people who want to give speeches or tell stories. It also has plenty of people who have books, sales presentations, etc. Guess what? The world doesn’t need your speech, book, or sales talk. What is DOES need is something only YOU can provide. To learn what that is, read on…

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