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Public Speaking, Twelve Things Humor Does to Audience

The audience are supposed to be attentive when it comes to public speaking. One way to make the audience to want to listen more and more without being bored is by using humor. Humor does many things and this article explains them.

Timothy Ferriss Taught Me a Bunch About Public Speaking

Sometimes you just need a little help from outside your circle of friends to push you over the edge into public speaking. My push came by way of a video presentation by Tim Ferriss on points to remember when speaking.

How Well Do You Speak?

Public speaking is the number one way to advance your career or your business. When you are a good speaker, you can close a sale, sell your point of view, and increase your productivity as a business professional. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Tips on Improving Public Speaking

So, let’s get over it one more time: why do people have the fear of public speaking? Firstly bad conditioning: they are convinced something awful is going to happen to them. Just rationalize this fear for a second: honestly, what could it happen? People start throwing things at you – where, at a meeting? They laugh and ridicule you – why, because you mispronounced a word or nervously said some “uhms”? People just get up and leave – if that happens, at least you don’t have to keep your speech any more.

In Public Speaking, How Much Value Do You Place on Your Voice?

You have prepared your material and practiced it out loud. You are comfortable making eye contact with your audience and you speak with emotion, life and animation. Everything is a go or is it? Have you ever considered the vehicle that is transporting your message? Do you place any value on your speaking voice?

Honesty Is the Best Policy in Public Speaking

In addressing an audience, it is important to have researched your topic and to know your material extremely well. This is a no-brainer. However, is it possible to know everything about your topic? If you are young and new to the public speaking world, probably not. Even those with a lot of experience may not know everything there is to know about their particular topic.

Tips To Overcome Glossophobia

Speech anxiety or glossophobia is the fear of speaking in public, which most people have had at some point in their lifetimes. Although the fear of public speaking is quite normal, some people have such a sever phobia that they are unable to convey any coherent message in public. Fear of public speaking can be brought upon by past events in which a traumatic incident occurred, such as someone laughing at a person as they gave a speech, or a speech not going quiet as planned.

Confident Public Speaking – How to Overcome Presentation Fear

Public speaking can be a real challenge to most of the people; in fact a lot of people dread speaking in front of an audience. Self-confidence plays an important role in public speaking; it paves the way to becoming an effective public speaker.

Protecting the Public Speaker’s Most Valuable Asset: Your Voice!

A speaker’s main tool and asset is his voice. Without his voice, he can’t be a speaker. Here are some useful tips to help save your best asset and protect your future speaking career.

Public Speaking – 3 Easy Tips For Making A Confident Speech

We all know just how frightening even the thought of getting upon front of a large group of people can be. One of the reasons why so many speeches are causing us so much fear is not because of the speech but rather because of the audience. Most of the time you will get up in front of people with the purpose of impressing them and soliciting a good response with your words, your body language and your demeanor.

How Moses Can Help Speakers Wrap Things Up Successfully

The voice of authority is one that any audience will respond to. However, all too often you and I just don’t represent enough of an authority figure to command that level of respect from an audience that didn’t know us before we started to speak to them. If we want to wrap up our speech in a way that will leave a lasting impression with our audience, we need to find a way to use a voice of authority to deliver our last few words to them…

Like Chapman’s Ice Cream, Your Presentation Should Have a “Subtle Little Difference”

Chapman’s Ice Cream was once a St. Louis tradition. They were famous for their advertising campaign that stated there was a “subtle little difference” in Chapman’s Ice Cream that “made all the difference!

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