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Speech Writing – Getting Your Audience to Listen – 3 Tips on the Art of Speech Writing

Have to write a speech? Use these 3 tips on speech writing to help you get your point across in a way where you’ll be able to keep your audience listening.

Perfecting Your Posture – How You Should Stand While Delivering a Speech

Posture is the position and carriage of the body. A good posture gives a speaker more confidence and also helps the voice and the delivery of the speech.

Public Speaking Made Easy

Some say they fear it more than death. But there are those who have mastered the art of public speaking.

Public Speaking Tips And Tricks – 3 Sure Fire Ways To Make More Money

Don’t worry how to hold your hands. Don’t worry about the size of the audience either. Discover 3 tips to apply to your next event to have you making more money every time you are in front of an audience.

How to Be Successful With Public Speaking

Speaking in public is one of the greatest fears people face today. Learn the simple technique to give effective public speeches. This simple procedure with give you the confidence and comfort to be great speaker.

Public Speaking With a Purpose – Part 5

There are four basic categories of visuals you can use in presenting your ideas in an effort to influence others: self, props, electronic projection, and audience member. Consider each a tool for influence.

Putting Training Outcomes First

When you start a new training course or even a module within it, it’s vitally important to inform your audience of what’s coming along and the relevance of the material to their work. This short article handles the dos and don’ts.

How to Make What You Say Count

If you want to make what you say count, grab a hold of this information. The whole world judges people by the way they talk and communicate.

Using Emotional Intelligence to Capture Student Audiences

As a youth speaker I not only have to be aware of what I tell students but also how I say what I’m trying to get across. Part of my success as a speaker is that I use the emotional intelligence that I have to move a group emotionally from where they are to where they really want to be. First I must identify where I am emotionally before I speak to an audience.

Best Man Wedding Toast – 5 Simple Tips to Honor the Happy Couple

Don’t stress about your best man wedding toast. Follow these 5 simple tips to make it a flawless and memorable experience for the bride and groom.

Stop Being Nice When You Speak, Be “Rude” And Increase Your Sales

Being too nice when you speak will get you a pat on the back, but it won’t get you sales. Get higher speaking fees and higher conversion by challenging your audience and some would say being a little “rude”. Discover 2 tips to put into action now that will have you doubling the sales from each speaking event.

Take Control and Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Take control of the situation and you can definitely overcome your fears of public speaking. Just take things one step at a time and don’t expect too much of yourself.

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