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How to Speak With Confidence and Without Fear

The three fears that prevent us from becoming a confident, relaxed enthusiastic speaker are 1.The fear of rejection 2. The fear of looking foolish 3. The fear of failure.

Public Speaking Tip: Why Should Anyone Listen to YOU?

Want to quickly connect with people when you speak? Learn how your ‘ordinary’ life is one of your greatest assets, and how it can help you create and maintain audience interest.

The 3 “Ps” Of How To Persuade Your Next Audience

As a speaker you have ideas that you want to share with your next audience – this is what the importance of public speaking is all about. Your reason for wanting to do this is because you want to influence them. You want to plant new ideas in their heads, change the way that they think, or even get them to get up and go out and take action. In order to make this happen you are going to have to be able to do three things: make promises, create a premise, and use points.

35 Humorous One Liners for Public Speakers

I believe in the awesome power of humorous one liners to get and maintain audience attention and to promote retention of the material you cover in your presentations or seminars. Mastering the art of the one liner is simple, much easier than mastering the art of telling humorous stories. The latter requires a keen sense of pacing and timing to deliver a punch line which results in laughter from your audience.

Grow Your Know, Like and Trust Factors by Speaking

Any small business knows it needs to get seen by as many people as possible. There are a lot of marketing approaches that can work, but on of the most powerful and effective is by giving speeches to as many groups as you can. This will help establish you as an expert in your field and help you to get seen by more people.

Foundations of Public Speaking: The Engine That Drives Your Speech

Create an immediate connection with your audience. Learn how to develop material that grabs audience attention, maintains their interest and compels them to act on your message.

Telling Your Story – Speaking Isn’t Therapy!

As a trainer or presenter, you will hear many people say that you should use stories to bring your points to life, to add impact to your delivery and to help people remember your key messages. I agree, in fact I’ve said the same thing myself many times. Stories can be a great way to illustrate a point, to grab attention and to build a relationship with your audience.

Five Tips for Becoming an Effective Presenter

Have you ever been to a conference or seminar, watched the facilitator and thought, “Wow! Now that’s a born presenter?” Well, perhaps he (or she) was just naturally good at his job. But more likely than not, that great presenter learned the craft over the course of time, practicing and polishing as he went along.

Public Speaking Tip: Connect With the Six Common Emotions

The attention spans of people are shorter than ever. To cut through the many thoughts running through their minds, you must quickly make a connection with them if they are to hear, and then act upon your message. Learn how to tap into the Six Common Emotions to “break through the noise” and create that bond.

The Power Of Persuasion For Speakers

The reason that we give speeches is because we want to change the world – that’s what the importance of public speaking is all about. No, we may not end up changing it in some big way, but we’d at least like to change the way that the audience that we’re talking to views their world. If we can do this than yes, we will have created change just by giving a speech. Now the big question comes: how are we going to go about doing this? The answer is simple: persuasion.

God Made Woman for the Man

In the beginning, God creates man who needed a companion. So God took a rib from Adam’s body, so the Bible story tells us, to create a woman who we know as Eve. The author discusses three possible interpretations of this event. The first was that Eve was a gift from God and became his possession. The second was that Eve, the woman, was created to complete the human form. The third and the author’s interpretation is that woman was created to complement man’s role in the human race.

How to Speak With Impact: The Life Force of Your Speech

Discover the key to connecting with an audience every time you give a presentation. Learn how to overcome the common mistake made by most presenters, even those that are experts in their field. Master this fundamental concept and stand out from the crowd.

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