The Time Billy Corben Met Janet Jackson

Public Speaking – It’s Not a Race

Public speaking is often seen as a trial. Something that needs to be hurried to get to the end of as quickly as possible. A quick sigh of relief and a quick exit. This is not how it ought to be.

Public Speaking Anxiety – 5 Things to Ensure When Delivering Your Presentation

  Delivering an exciting content filled presentation to an enthusiastic audience will fail in its purpose if the audience miss the important points of your delivery. Many speakers fail to ensure that the 5 most important points are addressed from the beginning of the presentation.

4 Types Of Keynote Speaker – How To Match Them For Your Event

A lot of people are not sure precisely what is the function of a keynote speaker. In short, it is someone who is employed to give a keynote speech at the opening of a seminar or sales meeting. Inexperienced event organisers may wonder what is the value of a keynote speaker, what can they contribute and who should they book as their keynote speaker.

How to Improve Your Presentation Before You Say a Single Word

Learn how to increase the impact of your speech before you say a single word. Find out how and why you need to use your introduction to make a winning start to any presentation.

Memorizing Speeches: Three Important Rules Of Memory

After writing a killer speech, do you now struggle to remember the speech for your presentation? Studies show that the average person uses 10% or less of the actual potential capacity for memory. There is so much untapped potential which can be improved by applying three fundamental rules of memory: impression, repetition and association. Applying them will help you in memorizing speeches for your presentation.

Spice Up Your Speeches With Variety

Contemporary audiences don’t want to hear or see the “same old same old” from speakers. To generate and keep attention, you’ll want to spice up your speeches with variety. This article recommends several ways to bring welcomed changes to your presentations.

Do You Know What Your General Purpose Is in Public Speaking?

When it comes to public speaking, it is important to establish your general purpose before you even begin the creation of your material. What is your reason for speaking? Have you been asked to speak at a business convention or give the convocation speech at your alma mater? Maybe you are enrolled in a public speaking course or are a member of Toastmasters. Possibly you belong to a leads organization and it is your turn to give a 10-minute overview of your business. Of course, it is also possible that you are looking to establish yourself in the business of public speaking.

Accepting an Award With Class, Style and No “Humble”

What you are looking for is to deliver a warm, personal story that acknowledges and thanks all the main people who helped you achieve the award. It’s better to have a few words rehearsed and ready, than to be caught speechless – or worse, to say the wrong thing or too many words.

Best Public Speaking Tips To Break the Stage Fright

Most people do not have any trouble communicating with small groups, such as friends and family. But when faced with a large number of people, especially in a group of professionals, they can’t help to feel the stage fright. Maybe you’re familiar with the cold hands, butterflies in the stomach, too much perspiration even when the auditorium is extra cold.

Public Speaking – A Military Operation

Planning a public speaking engagement is similar to planning a military operation. Every aspect needs to be planned and adapted as the battle progresses.

How To Say Goodbye – The Eulogy

Giving a speech is hard. Delivering an eulogy can be downright impossible. However, if we are asked to give one by people who are grieving, then we need to step up and do a good job of it…

Dramatic Story Telling – Don’t Just Tell a Story – Become The Story Character

Let me tell you a little how you can create and perform stories with a difference. In this article I share my experience with you. It can help you to become a story teller with a difference.

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