The Strange History of Coca-Cola

Connecting Through Speaking

How does such a diverse global population connect in a way that is meaningful? Speaking the oldest form of communication and the one used the most, is also, and often, misinterpreted by both the speaker and the listener.

Crafting The Perfect Persuasive Speech

The article teaches the reader how to incorporate the three necessary ingredients for a persuasive talk. It also gives advice on organization and flow to make the speech memorable.

MLM – Over Coming Fear Of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking has always had a widespread grip on most working adults. The possibility of being publicly humiliated or embarrassed. Running through the mind of one hesitant speaker, I’m being watched for some verbal or physical mistake to be made. What will they say and think?

Using Body Language in Public Speaking to Your Advantage

It’s said bind an Italian’s hands behind their back and they won’t be able to talk. I’m not sure there’s any scientific data to back this assumption’s validity, but the point should be well taken by those who wish to become efficient public speakers.

Speak or Die: Overcoming Stage Fright

“People are more afraid of public speaking than death.” Really? People are often fearful of standing up in front of peers or strangers but if the choice is “Speak or Die” you will speak! Some of the following tips can help lessen your stage fright and increase your confidence.

Speakers Need To Know How To Host A Roast Without Becoming Toast

As though speaking in public isn’t tricky enough, then there is the roast. When we are asked to put on a roast for someone we find ourselves walking directly into a social minefield from which there appears to be no way out. If we do a poor job, then the audience will be bored and will end up hating you. If you do too good of a job, the object of the roast will become angry and will end up hating you. What’s a speaker to do?

Confident Speaking Off The Cuff

The ability to think and speak on your feet is a tremendous asset to have in your social, business and daily life. Speaking off the cuff is often required for meetings, impromptu presentations, supervising staff, job interviews and when responding to questions from an audience. To successfully communicate your ideas in these situations you must be able to organise your thoughts quickly and present them in a clear and logical manner.

Why There Are So Many Great Sports Speakers?

There are so many sports speakers out there, it is enough to make one wonder what is it about them that makes them so suited to the after dinner circuit? This article will explore this argument further.

Motivational Speakers: Give Your Audience the Push They Need in February

February can be somewhat of a depressing time of year. The days are short and it’s still quite cold. Here’s how motivational speakers can pick people up out of their February blues.

Want to Give an Effective Speech? Forget the Big Words and Concentrate on Being Clearly Understood

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your audience will be impressed if you use lots of big words in your speech. In reality, this is a recipe for a speech disaster! If your audience is unable to clearly understand what your speech is about and where you are headed, they will tune out. And once they do it’s very difficult to get them back again. Your speech can’t be effective if the audience isn’t listening.

Speaking With Credibility: Credibility = Believability

How important is credibility as a speaker? So important that if you don’t have it nothing else in your speech matters. Credibility = believability. Only your audience can decide if you are credible. There are several things you can do to increase the likelihood that you will be viewed as a credible speaker on your topic.

Speaking Success: It Begins Before You Ever Step on the Podium

You have your speech prepared and are ready to go. You’ve rewritten it and practiced it until you are confident and excited. But there are many other factors that will influence how well your speech will be received. Some of them occur before you ever stand up to speak.

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