The Questions Around Gain of Function Research

Find Your Purpose and Create Your Public Speaking Career

Life coaches will often ask the question, Where do you see yourself in five years? Although it can be a helpful exercise to do this, it can also become a point of stress and frustration. I’d like to suggest looking at it a different way. Instead of trying to predict, envision what you’d like to CREATE from your life based on your purpose and values. This makes it more of a concept of building as you go which is far more satisfying.

To Overcome Speaking Fear, Throw Away Your Mask

Public speaking makes everyone nervous. But we should never try to hide from our listeners. This article shows you how to remain honest with both yourself and your audience to be successful.

Why Learning to Breathe Correctly Is Your 1st Step in Training the Speaking Voice

If you are interested in discovering your real speaking voice but do not want to learn the proper breathing techniques in order to do so, then do not read any further. Some people provide various exercises to improve the voice you presently have; and, there are a few others who will show you the voice you don’t know you have. And, that can be very exciting.

Writing a Bio That Sells You, Your Services and Your Products

Your biography must be a stand alone piece that sells you in your absence. You want it to inspire people who make decisions to pick up their phones immediately after reading it, call you and ask for your availability. Your bio must contain the essential elements required for people to want your services.

How to Add Pizzazz to Your Speech

How many times have you heard a mediocre speech or one that was just downright boring? Is that the kind of speech you want to give? No! You want a speech that will set you up for success- a speech that’s got pizzazz.

Groom Wedding Speeches – Is Yours Going to Be Good or Bad?

The most important factor in groom wedding speeches is often overlooked. In every wedding speech the most important factor and often, the most neglected, is those who have to listen to them. The groom often is so worried about the talk that they have to give that they tend to forget the real factor that’ll affect the whole power of the speech. Those who are listening.

Bar Mitzvah Speeches and Speech Writing Tips

Need help writing a speech for Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah? These speech writing tips, ideas, and wording suggestions will make sure your speeches are perfect for your son or daughter’s big day!

What Are the Key Principles of Speech Writing?

There are so many different speeches that you can write, fitting for a whole range of different events. Speeches can be written for weddings, for birthdays, civil ceremonies, graduations, funerals, anniversaries, even book launches! Most formal occasions provide an opportunity for a little speech!

How Would You Describe Your Speaking Voice?

If you had to choose, which word – or words – from the following list describes your voice? Whiny – high in pitch – nasal – hoarse – throaty – gravelly – scratchy – whispery – soft – loud – shrill – strident – thick – thin – childlike – old – muddy – chirpy – sharp – raspy – tight – wispy – wimpy – shaky – heavy accent. If just one of those descriptions is typical of how you sound, you should think about training your voice because the words that describe a dynamic speaking voice are not found in that list.

Top 20 Public Speaking Tips

These are the 20 fundamental public speaking tips I summarized from my training and coaching practices. The list covered a wide range from structuring your speech, using body language and your voice, to how to connect better with your audience.

Does Your Voice Drop Off at the End of Your Sentences?

If you find that your voice drops off at the end of your sentences, you are probably male. While this problem is not confined to the male sex, it is much more common among men than women.

Top 25 Tips for A Better Speaking Voice

I’m often asked what the most important tips for a better speaking voice. Throughout my training and coaching practices, I’ve summarized those 25 fundamental tips for you to get a hold of what makes a better speaking voice.

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