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Why Your Vocal Abuse Will Not Go Away On Its Own

As much as you may wish you did not have chronic hoarseness or a persistent sore throat, wishing it away will not solve the problem. The unfortunate truth about vocal abuse is that it will only get worse in time unless you stop what is causing it. There are no drugs you can take to end the abuse. Yes, you could stop speaking for many, many months and the abuse would end. The problem is that once you started speaking again, it would return.

4 Steps for Eliminating a Verbal Tic

Nothing is more annoying for an audience than to be subjected to a verbal tic over and over and over again. Instead of paying attention to your message, your audience begins to count the tics.

How to Deliver a Strong Speech About Your Writing

One task that writers tend to heavily dislike is contributing to the advertising and marketing campaign of their book. Most of us are self conscious when it comes to talking about ourselves and the work that we’ve completed, but writers for some reason tend to suffer with significant nerves when it comes to talking about their writing or participating in any marketing campaigns that are focused on them. Unfortunately it is part of the job description!

Shhh – Enjoy the Silence

I was listening to Obama’s State of the Union Address last week and was yet again impressed with his style of delivery. I guess it would be more surprising if I wasn’t impressed considering he is the President of the United States but I can’t remember being as captivated by any of Bush’s speeches as I am by Obama’s. What is it that he does?

How To Avoid Public Speaking Anxiety As Much As Possible

It’s not as bad as you may think, public speaking anxiety can be controlled. Be the star in your next speaking engagement by following the tips in this article step-by-step!

Public Speaking: Learning to Talk With Confidence

Whether you’re preparing a best man’s speech or presenting your winning business idea to potential investors, you will want to portray self confidence. But your mind might be swimming with doubts: will you freeze up and look a fool?

Man’s Greatest Fear Need Not Be Yours!

Have you ever questioned what you are truly afraid of in public speaking? Personally, I am glad that you are nervous; if you’re not, then something is wrong. All the greats – from professional athletes to entertainers are nervous. And, they will tell you so. It is their nervousness, however, that enhances their abilities.

Be a Confident Speaker With Communication Courses

There are many things that make a good communicator. However, given the different outlets these days, being a good communicator in an office setting might not correlate to being a good communicator in front of a crowd. That is why whether your expertise is writing, leading or speaking, communication courses are an excellent way to sharpen these skills or develop communication skills for the first time.

Communication Courses: Confronting Real Issues With Public Speaking

With a career where it might be required to make speeches on a regular basis, honing that skill will be a top priority. The fact is that while some people have a natural gift for speaking in front of a crowd, most people don’t; and they have to work diligently to become skilled at public speaking. That is why more people are than ever are becoming interested in taking communication courses.

Common Tips Taught in Communication Courses

When people have a vocation that requires them to make public speeches on a regular basis, a sense of nervousness is typically the most common reaction. Over time, this sense of being frightened to get up in front of people will typically go away, especially the more you do it.

PowerPoint Pointers That Will Help You Speak More Effectively

“Oh,” an audience groans before the speaker says a word, “another PowerPoint presentation. Good time to catch a nap.” True, widespread misuse of PowerPoint has lowered audience expectations. However, when you follow these PowerPoint pointers, you’ll surprise your audience with a fresh approach that wins their immediate attention and eventual applause.

Who Is Dr. Anthony Sweeting?

Dr. Anthony Sweeting is not only the mentor of and childhood friend of motivational speaker Les Brown, he is an accomplished actor, director, producer and trainer is his own right. Dr. Sweeting is the author, lead actor, director and producer of The Soul of Nat Turner, winner of the Donald Davis Playwright Award.

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