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Killer Introductions – Amaze the Audience With Your Public Speaking

The most important part of any speech is the introduction. Here is how to deliver a killer opening.

4 Mistakes Every Poor Public Speaker Makes

There are 4 common mistakes that every poor public speaker makes. Here’s how to make sure you are not one of them.

A Dynamic Delivery Can Make Even a Mediocre Speech Soar

Ideally, it should be your goal to deliver an excellent speech or presentation with enthusiasm and passion. However, if you had to choose, which one do you think would be better? A great speech with a boring delivery? Or a mediocre speech given with expression and emotion? There is no simple answer to that question; however, with a lifeless, dull and flat delivery, you will lose your audience no matter how great your words.

Writing and Speaking About Uncomfortable Topics – Five Tips For Authors

Many authors write about uncomfortable topics, like surviving cancer or disability. Sharing information helps others, but authors need to be careful about how they do it.

An Author’s Life – I Get As Much From Speaking As Listeners Get From Me

Authors develop talks to support their books. These talks give listeners behind-the-scenes glimpses of a writer’s life. Listeners learn new things as well. This article, by a nonfiction writer, describes some of the things she gained during a recent talk.

3 Powerful Methods For Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

For 80% of people this is a terrifying thought. Just the simple act of having to present yourself to an audience can make your heart skip a beat and your legs turn to instant jelly.

Get Your Voice Out of Your Nose – It Doesn’t Belong There!

Nothing is more frustrating for me than listening to someone who talks through their nose. And, you don’t have to be from New York to speak with excessive nasality. There are various pockets both in the United States and Canada where nasal talk is the norm. If you are plagued by too much nose, consider changing that habit because it is irritating for your listeners.

Making a Technical Presentation – Check Out the Environment

Too, too many persons who make presentations believe that their chief role is to turn up and make the speech. This is simply not true. The atmosphere and the environment in which you speak are so very important to you as the speaker and to your audience.

$64,000 Public Speaking Mistakes

Public speaking is a skill that when mastered can lead to incredible changes and results both in your business and in your personal life. The challenge is that there is a common myth that public speaking is difficult and something that only a certain few can do. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Public Speaking – A Big Part of Our Lives

I’ve found that public speaking generally falls into 3 different categories. You either fear it, or you don’t mind doing it when you have to, or you absolutely love public speaking.

Speaking With Your Eyes – Tips For Better Public Speaking

Eye contact during speech delivery comes naturally to some. But most people need a little practice to perfect the skill into a natural, smooth action. It’s not a difficult thing to learn but it is a highly valuable skill to master for effective public speaking.

Presentation Skills – 5 Must Read Tips For New Presenters!

Ok, you have done the preparation, planning and practice so your presentation (or training session) should be fantastic, fun and fulfilling right? Maybe, but chances are you have not thought long and hard enough about managing the audience for results. Here are five tips you should read before presenting for the first time.

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