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10 Presentation Skills Training Tips to Help You Deliver the Best Speech of Your Life!

Learn from a certified public speaking trainer on the 10 public speaking tips you’ll want to keep in mind on how to overcome your fear of public speaking as well as deliver an impactful and powerful speech and presentation. Keep these pointers in mind as you continue to continue to hone your presentation skills.

Use Public Speaking To Give Your Business the Competitive Edge

A secret weapon any business leader can apply to help them achieve their targets is boosting their public speaking skills. This is because using the so called soft skills of human communication is a vital skill for winning business.

The Best Means of Delivery in Public Speaking

There is no doubt that you can find hoards of information about public speaking on the internet. And, while they may focus on one particular idea, most of the writers will probably tell you much the same thing including: Smile, Acknowledge your audience, Speak with emotion, Know your material, Know your audience, Use visual aids as an aid only; i.e.

Does This Microphone Make My Lips Look Fat?

Every public speaker will experience a time when their mouth will get them in trouble.  A careless word, an ill-advised joke, or thinking your are speaking privately when you are on the mic.

Speaking in Public to Have Power and Influence – Making a Good First Impression

The first impression is usually the right one – yes you can judge a book by its cover – like it or not. Getting the first few seconds tight of any presentation or speech is essential if you are to have authority and influence. In this article we focus on dress, appearance, movement and posture; all key to getting your message across.

Speaker Tools: 3 Ways to Use Prezi Big Pictures to Make a Big Impression

A big picture is what makes Prezis immediately stand out from all other presentation tools, and let your audience know they’re in for a different type of presentation. Because of its zoom functions, Prezi allows you to put images at the heart of your presentation – even incorporating all of your information into one picture.

The Very Basics to Public Speaking

No matter what profession or field you belong to, all of us who want to succeed in the society need to be able to speak confidently in public. If you are able to speak to a group of people in a confident way, you have a building block of leadership.

Oh No! Not ANOTHER Company Presentation!

Mick is the Marketing Director of a multinational company who has been invited to make a presentation to a potential client that could become a key account for the company. On the morning of the presentation he checked the email confirmation of the presentation and noticed that he had been given 30 minutes to make the presentation. However, The traditional company presentation which is used to try to sell the organization, its products or services DOES NOT work, yet people are still unable or unwilling to change.

How to Make Presentations Interesting and Memorable

It’s time to make the big presentation. Maybe it’s to a prospective client that could be huge for your business, maybe your boss is in the audience, or maybe it’s for a group of people you look up to and admire. You’ve got your PowerPoint slides, practiced a number of times, and you know the material. You’re ready to go. After the presentation, you have a nagging feeling…

Getting Your Message Heard and Having Influence

Whether we like it or not we are continually judging people by their appearance and the way that they behave. The old adage “never judge a book by its cover” is all well enough but we have evolved to do just that. In fact we are very good at judging on appearance and that is what has kept our species out of danger in the wilds for millennia. If you want to get your message across and you want to have influence, first you have to get passed the gate keeper. Once you are trusted your message then has a chance at being heard and acted upon. Without that trust your audience will not even hear the words that you speak…

How to Write Engaging Maid of Honor Speeches

Maid of honor speeches are difficult to write because you want to show respect for the occasion without being too sappy, and you want to grab the attention of the crowd for the right reasons. No one wants to make a fool of themselves, but many do just that when standing up to give a wedding speech without proper preparation. If you are aiming for a fun and witty speech that shows love to the happy couple while getting a chuckle out of the crowd, these tips will help you prepare.

Keeping Your Voice in Tip Top Shape

Your voice is a very powerful tool, so it is very important to understand how it works and how best to take care of it in your every day life and before you are due to speak at an event. 35% of the working population use their voice as one of their main means of performing their job every day. Thousands of people earn millions from using it, whether as singers, speakers, influencers or visionaries.

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