The Media Keeps Trying to “Debunk” Wuhan Lab Theory

Stop That Squealing Sound – Tips for Buying a Public Address System

We’ve all been in the situation where someone is addressing the crowd but a poorly adjusted PA system makes the speech unintelligible. What about that time that audio feedback created a squealing sound that left your ears ringing? Not being able to understand a public message is not only annoying, it can also cause major inconveniences as the message might contain information you rely on. This article deals with some major issues that can affect a public address system and offers guidance in regards to purchase of public address audio equipment.

The Tea Party Should Be Dissecting Political Speeches

There is a tremendous opportunity open to the Tea Party. It should be dissecting major speeches. This article discusses the several important benefits of speech dissection and how to get started.

If Your Voice Is Childlike, What Image Are You Projecting?

I hear it all the time: women phoning me and complaining that their voice sounds like that of a child. If you have this problem, then the image you are projecting is not one of confidence or maturity. The good news is that you have a better voice inside of you which is resonant and more mature in sound. I found mine when I was in graduate school and it landed me the jobs I wanted in New York City as well as jobs I wasn’t seeking.

Presentation Skills Courses – Top 10 Basic Improv Rules

Whether you are charged with the task of delivering a presentation at work, school, or for social purposes, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The best presentation skills courses will teach you the following rules for improvisation, which is extremely important when speaking to the public.

Without Energy, Your Presentation Is Frankenstein On The Slab

You can use all the right movements and gestures and still bore your audience. But when you understand how to use underlying energies, everything changes… !

Learn How to Project Your Voice and You Can Stop Shouting!

To yell or shout is offensive to your listeners’ ears and can be offensive to your throat and vocal folds (cords) as well. Over time, continual yelling can do untold damage to both your pharynx and larynx. So what is the answer when you need to increase your volume? Learn how to speak with more power without pushing the sound from your throat.

It’s The End Of The World – What’s A Public Speaker To Do?

We don’t have the ability to prevent things from going wrong, but we do have control over how we react when it happens. Perhaps we should talk about some presentation tips for what you need to do in order to be prepared for some all too common events.

If It Was Me, Mr President, I’d Get A Grammar Lesson

Even the President makes grammar bloopers. Examples include his incorrect use of the word “tenant” when he meant “tenet” and also in his statement about Congressman Weiner’s texting indiscretion, “If it was me, I’d resign.” Luckily for the President, transcriptions of his speeches usually correct these errors and often the press will even cover them up.

4 Ways to Exhibit Confidence When Giving a Presentation

Did you encounter unexpected events in your presentation before? Did you handle them well so as to maintain your confidence level? In this article, I am sharing with you 4 tips that could help you to exhibit your confidence when giving presentation.

Public Speaking 101 – What Makes a Good Speaker – Part III

Welcome to Part III of this series. In this part, I will continue the discussion of the topic “what makes a good speaker”. For this purpose, I would like to draw on my experience from 2 training sessions I attended in 2012.

Five Tips For Writing The Perfect Best Man’s Speech

Have you just been asked to be best man at a friend’s wedding? Are you trying to write your speech but don’t know where to start or what it should contain? Here’s 5 tips to help you on your way…

Writing a Speech Is Like Planting a Garden

Do you garden? If so, you probably look forward to receiving the seed catalogue, poring over them and deciding what to put in where in your garden – flowers or vegetables, what kinds, how many. You may read books about perennial planting, or container gardening. You talk to other gardeners to get advice… If you follow this gardening plan, you will be sure to create excellent speeches.

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