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Personal Training Business – How To Prepare A Corporate Presentation!

I’m sure you have heard this before… “According to the book of lists, the fear of Public Speaking is the #1 fear of all fears. The fear of dying is #7!” A combination of sweaty palms, shaky hands and voice, racing thoughts and a pounding heart seem good enough reasons for most people to avoid public speaking like it’s the plague!

5 Ways to Knock Out the Performance Jitters

Feel like you’re never going to stop those shaky knees and pre-performance nerves? Here are a few ideas to help you get past the debilitating effects of the jitters.

You Do Not Need to Speak for a Living for Voice Training to Be Part of Your Ongoing Development

Whether it is for personal reasons or professional, improving the sound of your speaking voice is something people are becoming aware of because they realize it is part of the image they project. What does your voice (the one you hear on your answering machine) say about you?

What Should You Do With Your Hands in Public Speaking?

A lot of people ask me what they should do with their hands when they are addressing an audience. My answer to them is simple. “What do you do with your hands when you are talking to your family, your friends or your colleagues?”

Revealed: A Simple Secret That Will Banish Your Fear of Public Speaking Forever

If you are like most people the mere thought of getting up and speaking before a group of people be it at a business meeting or social event can be daunting. Indeed some people simply can not cope with the prospect. Their legs turn to jelly and they can not function. They become mentally paralyzed.

Impromptu Speech Organization – Only 5 Minutes Of Prep Is No Longer A Problem!

The majority of leagues provide impromptu speakers a number of moments to plan their talk and a note card to create a short outline. Worthwhile impromptu speaker understands to take benefit of these types of resources and never waste them.

Demonstrative Speech Topics – Professional Demonstration Speech Tricks!

It may be difficult to develop demonstrative speech subjects. Starting out can be very tough if you do not understand how, or even where, to begin.

Public Speaking Classes: Learning With Others

When going to public speaking classes, you will be learning with others. This might seem like a problem if you do not know the other people at the course. You should feel more comfortable with them throughout the course when you get to know them. Not only that, but you will not have to speak in front of all of them at first. The teacher understands that you need help making it to that point, and that is why you have chosen to take the classes.

The Hardest Best Man’s Speech Ever?

My advice: an open letter to HRH Prince Harry on the occasion of his brother’s wedding. The pitfalls of doing a best man’s speech and what to avoid…

What Is the American Dream? What Happened to It? Does It Exist?

The term “American Dream” was first used by James Adams in his book the Epic of America which was written in 1931. He states the American Dream is “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement…

Fear of Public Speaking? Use It To Your Advantage

The art of public speaking is one topic that has both concerned and fascinated people for generations. The ease of public speaking will come with practice and with confidence.

Public Speaking Anxiety – 7 Ways to Organize Your Presentation Content?

Delivering a speech or address confidently is quite easy provided your preparation has been done thoroughly. A presentation requires the presenter to be fully aware of the content to be presented and to answer as many questions in the presentation as possible.

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