The Legacy of George Carlin

How to Deliver a Great Speech in 3 Easy Steps

Would you like to know more about how to how to deliver a great speech in public? Read on and find out about how to deliver a great speech in 3 simple steps!

Fears Of Public Speaking

The fears of public speaking are varied. It is not one general fear but a combination of different fears. You need to understand these fears if you have to deal with them.

Search Marketing For Professional Speakers

An often overlooked or poorly done form of marketing for speakers is search marketing- both on the organic and paid side of the search engines. But search marketing is a very cost effective method of marketing because it allows you to step in front of people, online, who are already looking for you.

Using Vocal Variety Effectively in Speech Making

Have you ever had to sit through some public presentation in which the speaker spoke in a monotone from beginning to the end? I doubt if you made it to the end of the presentation without nodding off to sleep. That is the misery you will put your listeners to when you speak in a monotone devoid of any emotion.

Three Techniques For Making Great Speeches

Have you ever stopped to ask what the secrets of some famous and well-renowned speakers are? Just in case you have spent considerable time, wondering what they have that you do not seem to have this might be helpful.

Motivational Speaking – 5 Steps To Getting Your Audience To Take The Action You Want

The most powerful speeches for motivating people to take the action you want them to follows the Motivated Sequence. What is the Motivated Sequence? Is it easy to learn? Can I use it to get my boss to give me a raise? Whoa! Easy on the questions! I’ll answer them if you will give me half a chance.

Basic Public Speaking – Be Consistent Throughout Your Speech

Recently I went to a lecture which I quite enjoyed. For about 80% of the presentation. All of a sudden (or so it seems) towards the end of the lecture, the speaker I had so enjoyed turned into another being. His smooth and easy-on-the-ear tone became clipped and formal, reminiscent of a Sergeant on a parade ground.

Tips For Public Speaking – 3 Ways to Make a Great Impression

A very effective tip for public speaking way is to include a story or anecdote in your speech. This will make your speech more personal and warm, and help you to ‘connect’ with your audience.

Overcoming Public Speaking Fears Will Transform Your Personality

Overcoming public speaking fears is one of the biggest challenges in life. This may look like an exaggerated statement. But if you consider the fact that fear of public speaking has been found to be one of the major fears haunting the mankind, you will be inclined to agree with me.

Fear the Fear of Public Speaking and You Have Nothing Else to Fear!

If you have a fear for fear, then you will do something about getting rid of the fear and once you are relieved of the fear, you become a fearless person. Becoming a fearless person is the first step towards becoming a free person, a cheerful person and the successful person.

Why Do People Fear Public Speaking?

There has to be a reason for any fear. Even the cavemen had reasons for fearing things like the open space, fire etc because they had reasons to fear the unknown. But everyone knows what it means to speak in public. So, why should anyone be afraid of speaking in public?

Big Game Hunting – How Public Speakers Capture An Audience’s Attention

In the world of big game hunting, the goal always seems to be to try to hunt something bigger and more deadly than you did last time. The world of public speaking isn’t all that much different except that we go looking for the biggest game of all: an audience’s attention.

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