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Your Introduction YOUR Way – Part 1

Ensure the audience hears exactly what you want them to hear before you take the stage. You’ll be glad you took the time to carefully craft your introduction!

Do They Trust You When You Make Your Offer?

How comfortable are you at making your offer during your speech? Here are a few characteristics you want to embody as you move to your offer so you build trust and walk away with more sales.

One Citizen’s View Of America In 2013

This article gives one citizen’s opinions on the state of American society in 2013. These opinions were formed after more than 65 years of observing end evaluating policies and procedures in my country, the United States of America.

Finding Resource and Motivational Speakers for Your Event

Arranging an event requires the expertise of a keynote or resource speaker. You can scout for either with criteria in mind and with the help of agencies, recommendations.

How to Speak More Clearly and Confidently

If you tend to mumble your words and are generally apprehensive when you speak then it’s time to learn how to speak more clearly! Other people will appreciate it. And you won’t have to repeat everything you say several times until other people work out what you were trying to say.

The One Ingredient That Every Speech Must Have

Just exactly what makes a speech tasty? If you are missing the one ingredient that it takes to turn a great speech in to a powerful and effective speech then you will have created something that nobody really wants to listen to. What is this one ingredient? Why it’s enthusiasm of course.

Overcome Your Anxiety of Public Speaking

If you have a fear of public speaking, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you would like to feel confident speaking in front of a group of people, one good way is to believe in yourself.

What Is Your Mindset About Making an Offer?

By not offering your audience an offer, you are doing a great disservice to them! Find out how to get more comfortable presenting your offer from the stage.

If You Plan a Career in Public Speaking, Know Your Competition

While your delivery skills may be excellent and your material topnotch, what about that of your competition? Do you know who they are and what they talk about? There is no doubt that the business of public speaking comes with a great deal of stress; however one means of reducing that angst is to study your competition.

All About Seating Arrangements: What Speakers Need To Know

In order to make sure that your next speech has as much impact on your audience as is possible, it turns out that there is one more thing that you need to be thinking about: seating. I realize that all too often we speakers show up to deliver our speech and we discover a room that has already been set up – despite the importance of public speaking, we don’t have any say in the matter. Guess what – how the room is set up matters and so you need to start to speak up early in order to make sure that the room is not working against you!

Interview With a Champion

I recently interviewed Dale Rees-Bevan who won the 2011 NSW and ACT Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest with her speech, Country Charm. Dale shares with me her experiences of being in a contest and how preparing for a contest can be applied to preparing for business presentations.

Painless Preparation for Public Speaking

Learn the completely painless technique that I use to prepare for public speaking. Preparation will become easy when you apply these techniques and your results will be so much better.

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