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I Wanted to Deliver the News to My Employees Better, So I Got Some Presentation Coaching

There are several aspects to the job of being a manager of the company. Most of these roles are things that I enjoy and look forward to each day. However, there are things about the job that I wish I did not have to do. One of those things are presentations. It is not that I do not like to give a presentation, it is just that I am not very talented in this area. Given that I knew this ahead of time, I decided that some presentation coaching would not be the worst thing in the world for me to give a try.

Your Smallest Audiences Deserve Your Biggest Effort

Feel let down when you prepare diligently for a speech, only to have just a few people show up? Think you are wasting your day? Then think otherwise, because your audience has given you time and respect. In return, you will want to reward them with the same sterling presentation you would give to a crowd of a thousand people. This article tells you how to make the most of the occasion.

Music to My Ears – How to Say Things That Others Want to Hear

Each time I get a chance to speak in front of a crowd, I find ways that I can improve. In one of my talks, I noticed something drastic, people had their face glued either the floor or facing the exit; they were frowning, yawning and dozing off. It was every speaker’s nightmare! Where did I go wrong? What did I do and how did I execute the speech. Fortunately we all have to learn from our mistakes and finding ways for improvement. Music moves many and the Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do has equipped me with a rhythm of how to deliver a speech that others would want to hear.

Wedding Toasts and Speeches – Don’t Fret

The big event is here. Your best friend, brother, sister, or family member is getting married. This is someone close to you, and you can barely wait to be a huge part of the love, joy, and laughs that promises to be on the cards for today. And to help join in the celebrations you have decided to give a wedding toast.

Big Words: How Do You Say Them?

Many speakers worry about mispronouncing long words. Learn the secrets of how to say them correctly – even if they’re in another language!

How to Be Engaging When You Are Stuck Behind a Podium or Best Practices for a Worst Case Scenario

It’s possible there are worse set-ups for a presenter than being stuck behind a podium with a fixed mic, but I can’t think of them off the top of my head–unless the speaker is also on a stage, which compounds the separation and the human connection. That said, you have a problem. You’re a scientist about to present at a conference and you know the scenario will be exactly as I’ve described. What to do? This article gives you ten good rules to help you overcome the problems of the podium.

A Power Point Presentation or Winging It? An Independent Consultant’s View

PowerPoint has always seemed to me to be a stiff and un-engaging way to make a presentation. I have never used a Power Point presentation over the decades of speaking engagements and workshop presentations I’ve done. I declined from using it primarily because it hindered me from connecting with my audience. When you are using Power Point, you tend not to be the focus of your audience, but rather what is on the screen is the audience’s focus.

The After Dinner Speaker – Not A New Concept

According to Stephen E. Lucas renowned author of the book entitled “The Art of Public Speaking”, after dinner speakers have been around since civilization began in one form or another. In fact they have documented after dinner speech back to the early 19th century England.

5 Ways to Exhibit Confidence When Giving a Presentation

I recently co-led a workshop for a group of sales personnel whose work requires making presentations at client meetings. Many had concerns about how they come across during these meetings. The issue, for them, wasn’t about what they said, but how they said it.

4 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills and Wow Your Audience

It was that far away look in my students’ eyes that told me something was wrong. I was teaching grade 8-mathematics and trying to show the kids how to solve expressions with exponents. But what I didn’t realize was that they didn’t know how to solve algebraic equations yet, so I might as well have been speaking to them in a foreign language. As a newly minted teacher, early on in my career, I hadn’t yet learned that before you start holding forth you’d better find out what the students already know! Otherwise, you risk losing them, and your lesson flops. In many ways, this same principle applies to business communication.

Mic Test 1, 2, 3

Public speaking is the process of speaking to people in a manner that influences, affects, and motivates. It dates back 2500 years ago. It may have undergone some changes through time, but the principles and elements are still the same.

My Next Point Is Dull And Ineffective Too!

Speakers don’t understand the difference between writing techniques and speaking techniques. For example, it is fine to write headlines that are bold and underlined. However, that does not work for speaking–nor do transitions like “next,” numbers, etc. Read the difference between effective and ineffective speech transitions.

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