The Future of Meat Consumption

Public Speaking Training Can Reduce Pessimism

A client mentioned recently during our public speaking training session that she tends to be a pessimist and that she thought her tendency was affecting her public speaking ability. She asked me what she should do to turn that around.

Tips for Public Speaking Anxieties

Looking to overcome anxieties with Public Speaking? These tips on the subject should serve you well whenever you need to make a presentation or speech. Discover methods for better public speaking success.

Build A Career With Your Public Speaking Skills

Do you enjoy public speaking enough to make a career out of it? If so, here are some ideas for you. Consider doing public speaking at colleges and universities.

Hey Speaker, Do You Really Want Your Body To Be Saying That?

I’m sure that you’ve heard this before, but your audience is sizing you up once they lay eyes on you. Sure, we hope that they have good listening skills, but this may not matter. You’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 seconds or so to make a good first impression.

When the Pregnant Pause Goes Into Labor!

Recently I was interviewed on a blog radio program and the host paused so long after every comment I made that I wondered how many listeners she really had. Yes, the internet station of which she is a member has an excellent listenership, but I seriously question whether this particular woman has any real following.

Student Leadership: Write Speeches Like an Expert in 5 Easy Steps

Public speaking is an essential leadership skill for any student leadership class. However, it can be overwhelming to most teens because they are not experienced speakers. Imagine having to come up with a speech without any type of structure to go by. Although speech writing may seem intimidating to aspiring youth leaders, it can be made simple by organizing it into several main areas. Speech writing can be broken down into five key steps that, when used properly, will result in an interesting and effective speech. Read this article to learn what they are.

Use an On-Line Course to Add Value to Your Workshops and Seminars

You might know you’re delivering great value in your workshops, and your participants and clients might know it as well. But that’s not enough to convince them to book you or buy tickets. One of their big concerns is that, despite the excellent value you offer in the workshop, they simply won’t take action afterwards.

Anyone Can Be a Good Grammarian (at Toastmasters)

Most people who fill the Grammarian role in my club make too few observations. I believe anyone can be a good grammarian with a little bit of guidance. The biggest suggestion people can benefit from is to learn to look for what people are doing right with grammar. Below is my collaboration of grammatical guidelines that I am sharing with my club:

Putting the Pitch Into Your Pitch

A boring presentation, specifically one that uses a monotone voice tells us two terrible things: the speaker isn’t excited about their message and the speaker doesn’t care about his audience. Ouch!

Four Reasons to Use Props

As a former preacher and current public speaker, I place high value on using props to get my message across. I’m using the acronym CAVE to spell out four critical reasons why we should use objects in our public speaking: Connect your audience with your story or idea.

How to Think Before You Speak When Addressing an Audience

How do you think before you speak if you are standing in front of an audience? That is a wonderful question. If you are delivering a speech or a presentation, it is actually quite easy to think if you do one thing prior to the event and three things during it.

Tips to Become a Better Public Speaker

Many people have a fear of public speaking, and become nervous in front of their peers. Here are a few tips to help settle your nerves. Its normal to be nervous, its not about making the butterflies go away, its about making them fly in formation.

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