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Public Speaking – What to Do When Nobody Laughs at Your Joke

One of the worst nightmares of every public speaker – especially for comedians – is telling a joke and getting no laughs from the audience, otherwise known as bombing. The bad news is, everybody bombs. It’s just part of the job, but it’s how you recover that is more important.

Public Speaking Training To Reduce Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety, also known as public speaking fear, or glossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. This is a very common fear. One out of three people in the United States consider this their greatest fear even before death.

What to Do When Things Go Wrong During Your Speech

Murphy’s Law states – whatever can go wrong, does. This is true even when you speak. The good news is, knowing what might go wrong ahead of time will help you to know how to handle it.

What Language Is Your Body Speaking?

Body language. The nonverbal communication of your body that can tell your audience you are speaking with confidence or cowardness, delight or disingenuity. Do you know which language your body is speaking?

Discover the Right Way to Increase Your Volume Without Shouting

One of the difficulties many people have is to the ability to increase their volume without hurting their throat, their vocal folds, or their listeners’ ears. The right way – and in truth the only way – to do this is known as projection.

Useful Presentation and Public Speaking Skills Tips

Have you ever walked into a presentation to see a sea of uninspired faces gazing back at you? The Practice Manager is looking repeatedly at her watch, one GP has already rushed in and out of the door twice, and everyone else is staring longingly at the sandwiches – knowing that they will have to sit through your presentation before they are given a few precious minutes to eat?

Elevator Speech: The 90 Second Marketing Tool That Opens Doors

If you have a product or service, an idea, a mission, or a cause, you need an elevator speech. Although his short talk might look simple and unassuming, it may well be one of the most powerful marketing tools known to man. If you don’t have one, get one. If you have one, make sure it’s clean, clear, and up to date.

This Is Why Your Audience Isn’t Paying Attention To You

Researchers have studied what’s going on with your audience during the middle of your speech and let’s just say that it’s not good – they are checking out. Looks like we’re going to have to have a talk here – let’s find a way to keep them on board…

How to Tap the Full Potential of Your Speaking Voice

Speaking voices come in all shapes and sizes – literally. And, while you can attribute your vocal apparatus to genes, it is not just your genetic makeup that entirely determines the quality of your speaking voice. Your environment helps shape the sound of your voice as well.

How to Captivate Your Audience With Your Vocal Variety, Facial Expression and Body Language

Have you ever watched someone give a speech or presentation who does not move a muscle and speaks in a monotone voice? It is pretty devastating to be subjected to such an ordeal but it happens. And, when it does, one can only pray that it will last 10 minutes and not 50!

How To Respond To Criticism in Public Speaking

The best public speakers are artists and performers. They understand there’s a dynamic energy that goes into a speaking engagement the audience responds to. But the artistic temperament is a sensitive one, often filled with perfectionism and self-debasing over the slightest mistake. As such, we speakers have a difficult time receiving criticism. As performers, we’re not only vulnerable, we’re constantly being evaluated. This can be high pressure, and can create an unhealthy environment where we begin to appraise ourselves as human beings based solely on how we’re received performance to performance.

Public Speaking Anxiety and How To Take Measures To Control It Without Thinking!

If your going to be in the information business, then at some point your going to have to add public speaking into the picture. Speaking will just round out your sales of books or publishing and seminars. But we’re going to talk about not having anxiety attacks for when the time comes to speak in front of groups of people.

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