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Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Things to Do While Preparing Your Speech

One of the biggest keys to success in controlling your public speaking nerves is preparation. You’ll find that the more you prepare, the more you’ll feel in control. Below are some steps you should be taking while you prepare your speech, to help settle your nerves and improve your presentation.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Tips For Before Your Speech

The minutes leading up to a speech are often charged with nervous energy. The anticipation of the event can leave you feeling utterly petrified. Here are some things you can do to cut that anxiety short, and at the same time help guarantee a successful presentation.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: How to Treat Nervousness

You’re feeling nervous about your upcoming speech or presentation, but unless you know how to go about treating it, you might not make any progress. This article covers exactly how to deal with your nerves, since no matter how excellent a stress technique may be, it does little good if it’s not used properly.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Fighting Nervousness During Your Opening

The opening is one of the most important parts of your speech, along with the conclusion. It can also be incredibly high-pressured. These tips help to take the edge off, and will assist you in making a strong, confident opening to your presentation.

Developing the Speaker Within You: Notes, To Use or Not to Use?

Most of us have sat in awe before a speaker who enthralled us for 45 minutes, exuding knowledge, facts and details seemingly without effort, and without any notes. At least that’s how it appeared. But do speakers notes really deliver a successful presentation or speech? What do they do? Are they necessary at all? Let’s take a moment and look rationally at this issue. The positives and negatives of using notes.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Don’t Stress Out About Your Nervousness

When you’re anxious about public speaking, it can often get out of control. We’ve all felt the physical symptoms, as well as the mental strain. One of the most surprising things you’ll learn about overcoming your public speaking fears is that, quite often, the most violent anxiety we experience is not really nervousness about public speaking, but rather nervousness about being nervous! Here are some tips to put your nerves into perspective, so that you can regain control.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: Blanking Out During Your Conclusion

There is often a lot of pressure placed upon the conclusion of a speech, and in many cases this can lead people to become so nervous that they forget what they had planned for the end. Here are a couple of tips to help you end your speech neatly and effectively, even if your nerves have gotten in the way.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: 5 Things You Should Never Do After a Speech

If you’ve just finished delivering a speech, you might be feeling a huge wave of relief. Conversely, you might now be faced with nervousness over people’s reactions after the fact. Below are five things to avoid at all costs after a speech, so that your nerves don’t spiral out of control.

Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears: 5 Things You Should Always Do After a Speech

The end of your speech does not always necessarily mean the end of your nervousness. There are many things to consider after you step off the platform, and certain potential situations that could turn a positive speaking experience into a negative one. Fortunately, there are things you can do to exit gracefully and smoothly, and make sure that the experience remains a positive one.

Delivering a Speech

As a freelance writer for many years, I have become more and more familiar and a little wiser about writing speeches for a wide variety of professionals and non-professionals. Along with ghost writing books, resumes, letters, poetry, and an extensive array of other documents, speechwriting has become one of my major efforts. This is mainly because so many people have a great deal of trepidation and uneasiness when the prospect of delivering a speech presents itself.

Fearless and Focused for On-Camera Ease

5 Steps to Get You Feeling Like a Rock Star in Your Video and Media Opportunities – What’s the number one reason people hesitate on moving forward in the use of video or other visual media in their business? I’ve found it to be nearly always fear of some form. Ranging from absolute paralyzing terror of the lens to negative self-talk and overall-fish out of water feeling, fear can cost you!

Stand and Deliver a Speech

You have to deliver a speech. Help! Here we go, you are to begin: You have done all the preparation and now the time has come. You are standing up and ready to begin the real work: delivering a speech or presentation. Following are some tips that will help you.

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