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Writing a Best Man’s Speech

Writing a best man speech can be a daunting task and it is the part of the role that most people dread. Well the good news is that writing a best man speech doesn’t need to be a terrifying experience. This article will consider what you need to consider to ensure the guests remember your speech for the right reasons.

7 Tips for Public Speaking Without All the Notes

One of the most powerful techniques for connecting with an audience is speaking to them without written notes. It frees us to connect with our listeners at a much deeper level and allows us the freedom to improvise while making mistakes seem like a natural part of the flow. Here are seven great tips for speaking persuasively without notes.

Fun Speech Topics From Boring Ones: 4 Things To Make An Audience Love You

Fun speech topics are less about the content itself than the delivery. Getting a mild topic and making it sensational is something you can do by observing those who’ve done it best.

How To Maximize Your Band Score in IELTS Speaking Module

Many IELTS test takers are often dissatisfied with their performance in IELTS speaking module. There can be many reasons behind this. It is very disappointing when you have to come out of the IELTS interviewer’s cabin with a long face in spite of working hard day and night to strengthen your grip over English language. However, you don’t have to take this unfortunate issue to your heart. You can easily get through your IELTS speaking test with a little more effort and by taking the following points into your considerations.

Every Breath You Take – Breathing and Voice

How important is breathing to your voice? It is ALL! Check out this article on why breathing and how to practice deep breathing in a simple and quick way.

Difficult Speeches: Talking After The Layoff Has Happened

A bad global economy means one thing for workers: loss of jobs. Just about every company has gone through this painful experience as firms have struggled to find ways to stay afloat during the most recent global recession. Into this environment, public speakers can find themselves asked to give a speech to a dispirited audience. How the heck are you going to give a good speech to an upset audience?

If Your Presentation BOMBS – Take a Lesson From My Grandson!

When babies learn to walk they fall down a lot. They also pull themselves back up time and again till they master the skill. It’s the same thing we should do if we BOMB a speech!

Interview Like a Hollywood Media Star!

Did you know that not only can long-winded answers be hard for the audience to follow, but they can actually cause your interview to go off track? Concise answers can keep you in control, and THAT’S where you want to be!

Footballers: The Kings of Sports Speakers

With the huge range of sports speakers available it can be difficult to decide which one is for you. An article explaining why footballers will remain the kings of sports speaker.

Improving Your Public Speaking

Public speaking has become something so terrifying that the mere mention of it can cause a person to grow sick. Even people who spoken several times can freeze up on stage or lose their train of thought due to fear. In order to become a more competent speaker, it is important to follow several steps.

Group Discussion: Myths Busted

Well, I’m pretty much sure that most of us are familiar with what a group discussion (GD) is? It is an interactive discussion amongst different people regarding a common topic. The main objective of a GD is to evaluate and estimate the knowledge and personality of an individual.

It’s Not About You – Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

There are so many articles talking about how to overcome public speaking, but it seems you are still dread of it. Those articles may not touch on the very center of the problem of public speaking fear, i.e. public speaking is never about you. Read to know more on how not to focus on you.

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