The Benefits of Sled Pulls for Knee Health

How to Improve Voice Tonality Quickly

Did you know that studies have found that 38% of your communication is based on your voice tonality? I help guys get into the best physical shape of their lives, but I also like to take a step back and ask WHY we are trying to get healthy in the first place. Most men think that “getting in shape” means putting on massive amounts of muscle.

4 Flavourings For Great Speeches

Just as a soup needs some condiments and spices to make it tasty and sweet to the taste, a speech also needs some flavouring to make it more appealing to the audience. Here are a few time-tested speech additives that may just hold the key to the wow factor you desire in your presentations. Using any of these might just be the difference between a dry and boring presentation on the one hand and a very interesting and exciting one on the other one.

How to Overcome Nervousness in Public Speaking

Public speaking can make anyone nervous. Despite what might seem a terrifying situation, there are things you can do to make you more comfortable. You can prepare in such a way, that speaking in public becomes less unnerving and more exhilarating.

3 Key Steps to Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fear

Public speaking is one of life’s skills that you absolutely must obtain, if you plan to be a success. Of course, you will not die or live in poverty if you are a poor public speaker, but you will never amount to your full potential.

Public Speaking Tips

If you are trying to improve your public speaking and presentation skills, here are some tips and strategies that you can use. Speaking in front of a group is a challenge for most people. You can stand out with these ideas and a bit of practice.

Persuasive Public Speaking

Public speaking is always about persuasion. If we want to be effective in persuading our audiences, we need to know and understand what interests, motivates or inspires them.

Motivational Speaking Tips – 3 Highly Effective Approaches

This is the essence of motivational speaking. Your aim should be to lift your audiences to a higher level – to make them feel more inspired, enthusiastic and motivated to pursue a particular course of action.

Public Speaking Tips – 3 Foundations For Your Success

A good speech needs good foundations. Getting used to the sound of your own voice is an essential part of feeling comfortable with public speaking. Practice and good breathing will greatly increase speaking confidence, energy and voice control.

How to Improve Public Speaking – 2 Things You Must Do

If you have been looking for ideas on how to improve public speaking, it is important to focus on two fundamental elements. The first of these is making sure your speech has a good structure. The second is to thoroughly check all of the administrative arrangements that will make your speech run smoothly and professionally.

How to Quickly Get Yourself Established As an Expert

Marketing takes many forms and one method that you can use to instantly raise your profile and establish yourself as an expert in your area is by giving talks on your subject. If you’ve never done this before, then the best subject that you can speak about is one that you are passionate about.

Making a Technical Presentation – Aid the Audience’s Understanding

Recently I attended a presentation entitled “Understanding Financial Statements – All Myths Debunked.” Given my background in financial accounting, I was looking for some more tips to help my clients who still remain intimidated by all things financial.

Self-Confidence is a Major Element of Success in Public Speaking

Self-confidence is a crucial element in public speaking success. You are not speaking just to hear yourself talk – you are speaking because you have something to say. Before you can command the attention of your audience, you have to believe that you have a message that is worth listening to and that you have the ability to communicate it effectively. If you don’t believe it, your audience will not believe it.

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