The Assassination of the President of Haiti and Government Spying

Why You Need A Graph AND A Polar Bear!

“I liked the graph. I’m sick of seeing pictures of polar bears floating on bits of ice.”

It Turns Out That Tonality Is What Really Matters

No matter how happy (or scared) you might be when you are asked to give a speech to an audience, you are looking at a lot of work to get ready from the moment that you say “yes” to the moment when you take the stage. Since you are going to have to go to all of the effort of creating a speech that you think that your audience is going to want to hear, you sure should have a good understand of what it’s going to take to make sure that they hear what you’re telling them…

How to Find Quick Solutions to Vocal Fatigue From Incorrect Use

Aside from the perils of incorrect use of voice when you sing, does your voice get tired and worn out even during regular speech? Are you sensing that your vocal chords are a bit corroded and that you’re sounding horse and you desire to stop speaking altogether to save your voice? This article is not specifically for singers. It applies to a far wider audience and I’m sure you will learn a thing or two.

How To Create Humor That Will Work For Your Next Audience

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all heard the old phrase “laughter is the best medicine”. What this means for us as speakers is that because of the importance of public speaking during our next speech we’d like to be able to get our audience to laugh with us one or more times. Although this may not sound like it is all that hard of a thing to make happen, it turns out that it can be quite difficult to do correctly. What we all need is some guidance in how to get our next audience to laugh with us, not at us.

How to Wake Up Your Audience With a Big Information Hit

Whether writing a thesis or giving a speech, everyone needs to be awake to appreciate what you are about to reveal. The best way of ensuring that happens is to put a punch line at the start that will keep them interested to find out more. My big punch is that I remember my reincarnation.

How to Be a Good Public Speaker

During my many years of experience I have spoken publically in many forums including on television, radio, and in major conferences. It has also been my pleasure to be a guest speaker at meetings in local community events, such as the public libraries. The main thing that must be observed is presentation.

Ten Tips for Developing Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking like any other skill involves deliberate exercise. Without focused attention and planned activity success in public speaking may not be possible. Here we assemble some of the easy tricks for all who aspire for being a great orator.

How To Add Even More Humor To Your Next Speech

In a speaker’s bag of tricks, humor is one of the most powerful tools that any of us have to maximize the importance of public speaking. However, despite being powerful to use, humor is notoriously difficult to use correctly. It can be all too easy to come up with something that we think is outrageously funny only to be met with blank expressions when we try to use it on an audience. Or we can end up saying the wrong thing to the wrong audience and then nobody will be laughing. What we need here is some suggestions on how to make our next speech funnier.

How Speaking Loud Enough Can Earn You Respect and Attention

To have a good speaking capability means respect and attention. It is true that the way one speaks hugely impacts other’s behavior towards you. If you are a slow speaker or afraid of public speaking, this article will definitely prove handy. Try to speak loudly and with confidence. Also, use your chest and not your head to speak. Read on to know more.

Public Speaking Fears – 3 Top Tips on How To Deal With Them

Fear can often keep us in a place of entrapment. Without dealing with our fears head on we can find ourselves on the outside of life, as if we were on the outside of a glass bubble looking in at the world having a great time. Without dealing with our fears, we may initially feel ‘safe’ but it is a false sense of security. Dealing with fear can be challenging, but we should all take comfort from the fact that we all have fears. How well we deal with them will determine how much we progress in our lives. If you’re overcome with fear and want to know how to deal with it try using the following strategies:

When Speaking, It’s All About The Eyes

One of the most difficult things for a speaker to realize when we are giving a speech is what will not be controlling the impact of our speech. We spend so much time working on exactly what words we want to say and then we seem to spend just as much time working on the slides that we’ll use to support those words because we understand the importance of public speaking that we think that by doing this we have all of the bases covered. It turns out that we don’t. Instead, one of the most import parts of any speech is one of the parts that it’s all too easy to overlook – eye contact.

How Public Speaking Courses Can Help to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Over the years, public speaking has been an excellent platform for sharing innovative ideas. Good leaders and transformers have used this platform to inspire, motivate and unite. Developing strong public speaking skills is therefore the expected norm in almost every job but this is easier said than done. What stops most people from becoming efficient public speakers is not the inability to articulate their content or poor belief in their words but rather their fear of speaking in front of an audience.

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