The Aftermath of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight

Make the Points in Your Speech Easily and Cleanly With Analogies

Sometimes, as speakers, we need to make a point that is just too new, or strange, or huge or threatening for our audience to grasp. It can certainly be a challenge and I am so grateful for analogies and the way they can easily and simply and cleanly do the job that we need to do in sharing that information.

Should Presentation Training Be a Part of Soft Skills Training Programs?

Many working professionals do not make too much impact in presentations. They consider the creation of the presentation to be more important than the skills required to do the presentation, which are all ‘soft skills’. This article explores the connection between mindsets and soft skills in the area of presentations.

Decolonize Mind Against Conventional Mindset

Language plays a vital role on two grounds- it’s a means of communication and is carrier of a culture. Unfortunately, things have changed a lot these days. People judge an individual based on color and race, which ideally ought to be the last wished-for thing for a nation. Read on to know more!

On the Sunnyside of the Street

This is a motivational speech written to be presented in a Rostrum Club Novice Speaker of the Year Competition. All I could remember about the topic for this speech, “On the Sunnyside of the Street”, was that it was part of a “pop” song when I was a mere boy. But I couldn’t remember the words so I could use the words of a song to give me any inspiration! So the speech goes on to look at the title firstly from a geographical angle before using those ideas to discuss people who live always on the sunnyside of the street. It offers advice on how a person can get to the sunnyside of the street in everyday life.

What Music Can Teach Public Speakers About Connecting With Audiences

As public speakers we would like to be able to tap into the power of music. What we’d like to be able to do is to discover how music can be so effective and then use that ability in our next speech to connect with each member of our audience. The good news is that this can be done, you just have to understand how music works…

The Year 2000

Can you remember where you were and what you were doing on the evening of December 31st 1999 – New Year’s Eve? Were you out on the town celebrating the end of the second millennium and welcoming in the year 2000 or were you in the comfort of your home watching the telecasting of how the rest of the world were celebrating the advent of the year 2000 and the passing of the most dangerous and difficult century of man’s existence. This is a speech delivered as part of a Rostrum Speaker of the Year Competition in Queensland late in 2000. Its theme was “How can we Aussies use the year 2000 to improve the world”. The Sydney Olympics and the Catholic Church’s Jubilee 2000 projects are used as the catalyst for change.

Some Of The Best Tips For Booking A Guest Speaker

A great guest speaker can make a lasting impression at your corporate event. Their speech could be the topic of discussion for months. They can even inspire and motivate your guests to achieve more.

What Does Your Voice Say About You?

Your visual image makes a statement; your verbal image makes a statement. But what about your vocal image? Have you ever considered what the sound of your speaking voice says about you? When we hear a rich, resonant, deep voice, like that of Catherine Zeta Jones or James Earl Jones, we are captivated. Would you describe your voice as captivating?

Public Speaking: Should You Thank You Audience Or Not?

There is much debate as to the idea of thanking your audience. Some suggest never doing it while others recommend it be done as your parting words. There are even those who prefer that you thank your audience twice, both in your introduction and in your closing.

Social Justice Warriors

My thoughts on the ever-growing wave of false outrage as people begin to demand censorship for all the wrong reasons. I respond to the poisonous manner in which people confuse their right to be offended with their right to remove opposing opinion.

How To Use PowerPoint To Create Intrigue In Your Next Presentation

One of the challenges of any presentation is that we want to be able to both capture and hold our audience’s attention while we are speaking. If your speech is 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or even longer this can be a real challenge. The good news is that your PowerPoint (or Keynote) slides can help you if you know how to add a bit of intrigue to your presentation…

Am I Allowed To Move When I’m Speaking?

It’s strange the things we start to worry about when we have to stand up and speak. Things we never think about when we go about our normal daily business, interacting with other people. Things we do naturally without giving them a thought.

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