The 3 Things John Danaher Wants to Change About Jiu-Jitsu

Public Speaking: Ethics and Political Correctness

When creating your material for a speech or presentation, it is important to consider ethics in what you say because your integrity depends on it. Your ability to establish a career as a public speaker will be determined not just by a dynamic delivery, but by several other factors as well. Is what you are saying fair, just, honest, and/or moral?

How to Make a Good Videotape

Trainers and public speakers would be wise to videotape themselves so that they can see how their audience views them. A good videotape can also be a great marketing tool. Here are some very specific directions to increase the likelihood that you will create an effective videotape.

How to Memorize a Presentation

This article provides step-by-step guidelines on how to memorize presentations in a short time period. The guidelines are easy to follow and practical.

What Communication Strategy Will You Use In Your Next Speech?

If you want to create a message that is going to impact your audience – perhaps change them in some way, then you’re going to need to create a communication strategy that you can use when you’re building your next speech. Got one of those?

Qualities of an Effective Speech

Speak with purpose. This should always be the goal of any public speaker who would like to inspire and start a change in society. A speech should always be written and delivered with inspiration to motivate people to start and do well in their lives.

5 Tips For Handling Questions As A Speaker

Your first decision about handling questions as a speaker will be when you want people to ask them – during the talk or at the end? If you’re running a very informal, participative session then you should expect, and welcome, questions at any time. However, it’s more common for speakers to take questions at the end.

Your Hands and Public Speaking

One of the most frequently asked questions in relation to public speaking is “What do I do with my hands?” People worry about what to do with them to the point that this becomes the sole focus of their talk! This empowering article peels away the mystery of it all so your hands are a natural part of your expression whenever you speak before groups.

Should Public Speakers Use Blue Humor In Their Next Speech?

So you’ve decided that you want to maximize the importance of public speaking for your next audience and in order to move your speaking to the next level, you are going to have to find ways to work more humor into your next speech. Well congratulations, that takes a great deal of courage to do. Now you’re going to have to answer the ultimate question: should you go blue?

Can You Laugh at Yourself?

Not only is it good to be able to laugh at yourself, it is also quite therapeutic. Those who have the ability, or who develop the ability to laugh at themselves are not easily embarrassed and are more fun to be around. At some otherwise dull get-together, it may help to lighten things up somewhat by encouraging others to share some of their most embarrassing moments.

One of My Worst Moments in Public Speaking – But What a Great Learning Experience!

Mistakes will occur in public speaking. It is a fact. However, there are things you can do to avoid some mistakes if you know your audience.

3 Mistakes Good Speakers Make

We’ve all heard and see the very best speakers like Tony Robbins. They know all about the importance of public speaking and they never make mistakes, right? Well, actually they do make mistakes. As speakers who are working to become better all the time, we can listen and learn from the mistakes that they make.

Persuasive Speech Conclusion Examples Using the STAKE Acronym

Effective imparting skills (Presentation skills) is one of the five i’s of persuasion tools and a good speech conclusion plays significant role during a speech presentation. STAKE is a simple acronym to briefly remember persuasive speech conclusion technique and it stands for:

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