Ted Nugent on the Origins of Stranglehold

Speaking! One Skill That Will Make You More Money

Everyone can benefit from improving their speaking and communication skills, however, people in direct sales seem to be the only ones who welcome and appreciate the opportunity to develop their speaking and communication skills. Just look at how many road rage incidents, relationship break ups and breakdowns, boardroom feuds, neighbourly brawls and you’d start to understand exactly what I mean. Just the other day 2 Mum’s in a shopping centre (Asda) left their shopping and started fighting because as one said ‘she bashed me with her trolley and didn’t apologise’.

Father Of The Bride Speech – The Secret To Making Your Daughter Proud

Impress your daughter with your father of the bride speech. This is your chance to show your daughter how much you love her. Learn the secrets behind creating a speech your daughter will be proud of.

3 Public Speaking Tips To Own Your Stage

My father, an entrepreneur, longtime coach and self-made man, always says “If you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” This is great advice because it can essentially be used in every area of life. Simply put, it mean be your best.

How to End Your Presentation So the Audience Knows You Are Done

When you give a presentation, how does the audience know you’re done? If you’re half-heartedly saying, “any questions?” as a means to signal that you’re done speaking, then you’re missing the opportunity to finish strong. Here are techniques for ending your presentation strongly so the audience knows you’re done:

4 Things A Presenter Should Never Do

Check with just about any professional speaker or pick up a book at the book store on public speaking and you’ll get some great advice. They’ll tell you exactly what you SHOULD be doing. That’s all good, but what’s been missing has been anyone talking about the other side of that coin – what should you NOT be doing?

Public Speakers: Filling the Gap Between Point “A” and Point “B”

Today you can learn anything you want once you’re at ‘Point B’ from books, audios, DVD’s, boot camps, coaching programs, etc. but what about the gap between Point A and Point B? This is a struggle for many and sometimes one that is skipped… big mistake.

Sounds Natural But Are They? The Secret of How Online Radio Presenters Make Their Links Work

The best radio presenters seem to have that knack of sounding interesting and yet coming across naturally. They are able to connect with the listeners seemingly in an effortless way. For those who have ever tried their hand at speaking in public being presenter, tv, on online radio or as a speaker, you’ll know that what looks easy is, for most of us, hard!

Public Speaking – What Makes a Good Speech?

If you doubt the power of oratory in the 21st Century consider this: one reason Barack Obama is popular is because he appeals to our emotions and aspirations with his personality, powerfully conveyed through his words. And one reason why so many British MPs have so unpopular is because they do not.

A Few Tips On Public Speaking

Public speaking is something which really does terrify a large number of people as they just think of all of those faces looking back and listening to their every word. Unfortunately it is something that people just have to try and deal with so here are a few tips on how you can make the entire experience that little bit less stressful. To start things off do make sure you know what you are talking about as it is a lot easier if you feel completely confident in the subject or theme of your presentation.

5 Easy Steps To Keep Your Presentation On Time

The mark of a great presenter is one who delivers good material within the allotted time. Proper organization, coupled with rehearsal and a few extra helpful hints, can ensure your presentation stays on time. These tips will help you meet the objectives for your presentation and keep you from running long.

Public Speaking – 10 Steps on How To Make A Speech

Often times we are asked to make speeches but most people don’t know how to go about preparing a speech. Other times you may be asked to do an impromptu speech without preparing. You must always be ready in and out of season.

Presentation Skills Lessons From the US Open Tennis Grand Slam

Recently, I attended the U.S. Open tennis tournament at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, NY. I saw some great matches and players, including Rafael Nadal, Sam Querrey, David Nalbandian, Samantha Stosur, James Blake (from Fairfield, CT!) and John Isner. I love watching tennis – and I think there are lessons from tennis that can apply to presentation skills:

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