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4 Ways to Take Your Presentation From Okay to Outstanding

Ever feel like you’re presenting on “auto-pilot”? Or like you’ve gotten to the point where you present okay, but still feel like you could do better? Here are four suggestions for taking your presentations from okay to outstanding, so you can really connect with the audience and convey confidence as you communicate your message.

How to Give an Inspiring Speech

Giving a speech can put a lot of pressure on a person. Learn how to ease some of that pressure by looking over these tips!

How to Do a Great Radio Interview – And Be Invited Back Time and Time Again

You can argue with some justification that ‘if you can do a TV interview you can do a radio interview’. After all, with TV you have much more to worry about – what you look like, where you look, have I got any awkward mannerisms that will make me look foolish on the air? Radio is easy isn’t it, you’ve just got to chat? Er, well not quite. Here are some ways you might play a radio interview differently from its TV counterpart.

Public Speaking Fear? – The Number One Belief Stopping You From Overcoming Your Speaking Fear

Did you know there are people out there who actually enjoy the process of speaking in public? What is it that these people do differently than the rest of us? The answer may shock you.

Return of the Class of 1970

Not sure you want to attend your high school reunion? Feeling like going to your high school reunion will be like travelling in a time machine or making you feel like you never left? Go… It will be great! This is one class presidents take and speech…

Public Speakers: How to Embrace and Find the Younger Generation of Meeting Planners

Let’s face it times have changed and it’s important for you to keep up! Not only keep up with the changing times but learn how to embrace the younger generation of meeting planners and organizers. When I look back many years ago (and still today) speakers were sending out their speakers kit to meeting planners and organizers in hopes that they would open up their packet of information and hire them to speak at their next event, unfortunately and in most cases, that’s not the way it worked and it became a frustrating struggle and still is for many speakers…

Helping Your Audience By Going After An Iceberg With A Shotgun

If how you wrap up your next speech is really the most important part of the speech, then what’s the best way to do it? The last thing in the world that you want to do is to end up leaving your audience flat – thanks for listening to me, got any questions?

Hiring a Speech Writer For Your Jewish Occasion

Does the thought of writing a speech for your occasion make you panic? Well you’re not alone – more and more people are turning to professional speech writers to relieve them of a major cause of the pre-occasion jitters and to help them articulate their deepest thoughts and sentiments.

Public Speaking Business: How to Get Speaking Gigs and Engagements

You may be an amazing speaker, but in order for your public speaking business to survive, you will need audiences who will pay to listen to you. Instead of paying for lots of ads to promote your business, you want to spend your marketing efforts where you will get the best results: networking and showing people what you’ve got.

Essential Public Speaking Tips

Making a speech can be one of the most difficult things to do in this world and the fear of public speaking is one fear that ranks so high on the list of many people. Public speaking is speaking in a structured and deliberate manner in a bid to inform, educate, entertain, influence and inspire others. This means that there are two variables involved in this equation and they are the speaker and the audience. If the big day is approaching (of making a speech that is) and you sincerely, have no idea of how to go about it this piece will, give you general tips that will help to improve your performance.

Improve Your Presentation Skills and Give Yourself a Salary Raise Using Brainwave Entrainment

Nowadays, the most highly paid jobs all involve a good level of public speaking skills, social skills, and self confidence. For that reason, success in business will depend a lot on your ability to give credible presentations and convince others to give you ideas a chance. Think, for example, in the power of persuasion of people as Steve Jobs and Barack Obama. Therefore, in this article I will present an affordable, effective, and easy to use alternative to deal with social situations without fear or anxiety.

The Rule of Three: Read This – Understand It – Use It!

One way to help your audience GET IT is to use the Rule of Three. The third time is the charm.

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