Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson on the Relief of Being KO’D

What Is Vocal Variety and Have You Got It?

The traits which make the voice truly interesting to listen to are known as color. Color is the life, the animation, the emotion one expresses in speaking. Without color, a voice is commonly referred to as being a monotone. In other words, without color, the voice is boring.

Direct Vs Rhetorical Questions in Presentations

One of the fastest ways to lose control of a presentation is by asking the audience direct questions. However, there IS an elegant and much more effective alternative!

Presentation Skills Training Tips – How to Overcome Public Speaking Fears Effectively

If you are one of the many thousands of people who experience Glossophobia-or, in its everyday term, fear in public speaking – don’t panic, you are not alone. A vast proportion of people find it difficult or even impossible to overcome their public speaking fears, however with the correct training and help from a well-recognized public speaking trainer, it is very possible manage and greatly reduce the negative impact of public speaking fears.

3 Questions To Ask Before You Create Your Next Business Presentation

When we are presented with the opportunity to give a speech to a business audience, a lot of different things start to run through our heads. Unfortunately, not all of these thoughts are ones that will help us to create a good speech. I’ve got 3 questions that you need to ask yourself when you start to prepare your next presentation…

Presentation Skills Training – What Everyone Can Learn From Movie “The King’s Speech”

Fear of public speaking is the number one fear, even ahead of death, cancer, heart attack and mother-in-law. Stammering and stuttering – they are partly due to the fear in public speaking. The story is mental action and mental strife, as when Albert (Bertie) struggles against his habits of thought to understand why he stammers. And when Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) explains how he came to understand the causes of stammering. Of course, the important point of the show is “finding your voice.” As speakers and trainers, we are always searching for our voice.

Good Presentation Is Important for Active Participation of Audience

A good presentation can leave an impact on targeted populace. Information delivered in a perfect way results in positive responses. With audience response system,now it is easy to hold audience’s attention.

Try This Exercise If You Experience Breathlessness in Public Speaking

I hear it all the time – people contacting me because they run out of air when addressing an audience and they don’t know what to do about it. It also doesn’t matter how small the audience or how large. It can happen when speaking to 5 people or 500. It also affects both novice speakers and professionals.

Speaking From Your Heart Is a Fundamental for Dynamic Public Speaking

If you listen to the great presenters, you will find that they share one attribute in common: they speak from their heart. While they may have given the same presentation hundreds of times, their material sounds fresh and new with each delivery.

Public Speaking Tips – How to Inject Humour When Writing a Speech

Everybody loves to laugh but, not everybody can make others laugh. Do you know how to weave jokes and funny stories into your speech? We all like funny people. As such, when speaking in public, it is important to use humour to bridge and build rapport with your audience. For sure it is not easy task, still, it is very much impossible to inject humour into your speech to make other laugh. In this article, we will answer the following three frequently asked questions when one is trying to weave humour into his or her speech:

Public Speaking Tips – Ways to Wiggle Humour Into Your Speech and Your Audience

Do you want to know how to write a humourous speech? The techniques to injecting humour into your speech, the things to say that makes your audience tick or when is the best time to use humour etc. Read on to find out how to craft your speech to make it the most humourous speech your audience ever heard before!

Public Speaking Tips – Pauses, Why Are They Important and How to Use Them Correctly

Listening to a speech, it is very common to hear pause fillers like “er”, “um”, “ng”, “ok”, “you know”, uttered by a speaker. These irritating words usually occur at the end of a sentence or beginning of a sentence or phrases. Why do these unnecessary words have to appear? These are the word whiskers, word clutches or pause fillers – the terms used by language communication specialists.Worse of all, this unproductive sound usually appeared frequently during important parts of our professional life – media interview and panel discussion.Still are pauses are important in a speech? Find out how to effectively employ pauses in your speeches to make them more impactful and memorable.

Public Speaking Tips – Overcoming the Fear of Your Own Speaking Materials

In life there is so many things we can be fearful and remain fearful of… and the fears of public speaking is definitely one of them. Now apart from having to overcome the fear of our public speaking audience, you’ve now have one more thing to be fearful of – your own material or content. Often, we worry that we do not measure up to the expectations of the audience, and this put undue stress on ourselves. So what should we do to overcome that fear or feeling of incompetency?

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