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If You Plan a Career in Public Speaking, Voice Training Is a Must in Your Professional Development

I always question why those who are either already speaking professionally or planning to do so, are not aware of the vehicle for their speech or presentation. It is called the speaking voice. Without it, they would have no career. Just ask Tony Robbins how important his voice is to him and what 30 years of talking without proper usage of his instrument has done to his throat and voice box! It is called vocal abuse; and, in his case, it is severe and permanent.

6 Examples Of Maid of Honor Speech Intros

Unlike the father of the bride, groom, and best man speeches. The maid of honor speech is not one of the “core” speeches. I like to think of it as a bonus speech. Apart from introducing yourself and thanking the bride and groom, there aren’t really any obligations to this speech. Because of this, it’s a lot of fun.

Why Business Communication Is Fundamental to a Successful Career

Getting ahead in the business world requires skill, know-how and experience. Whether you’re an employee or a managing director, it’s fundamental that business communication is one of your strengths.

A Guide for the Groom’s Wedding Speech

Learn how to make a great weeding speech as the Groom. Lots of great tips and examples for the Groom’s wedding speech and toast!

How to Be a Powerful Speaker

Making yourself a powerful speaker is a lot easier than you think. Here are three areas to help you develop more dynamic and influential presentation skills.

Nervous in Public Speaking? 5 Things You Should Never Do!

How many courses have you taken in public speaking that teach you to stare at an object on the wall to calm your fears? Perhaps, you have read articles or books on the subject and were advised to find someone in the audience to focus on in order to quell your nervous jitters. This advice could not be more wrong.

How to Develop Real World Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are taught in corporate training classes, public workshops and college courses. But do they teach you the right skills to solve your workplace problems and achieve your career goals?

5 Top Causes of Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is a phobia that affects millions of people throughout the world. The fear is irrational and can hinder a person’s ability to speak comfortably in public, whether in a classroom, in the workplace or in any public situation. It can be extremely crippling and can prevent one from taking advantage of opportunities that arise in life due to the inability to converse publicly. Here are the symptoms of a public speaking phobia and its five top causes.

How to Give a Great Business Presentation!

As if work wasn’t stressful enough – you have to give a presentation to all your colleagues and bosses! Don’t worry, here are loads of tips here to ensure it goes well and you come out looking like a true expert!

Starting Your Presentation Like a Pro

I want to make sure that you understand that the introduction to your speaker presentation is not called the opening. This introduction is also not your life biography. Largest way too many speakers that think that their life bio is what should be read before the speak curse reaches the podium.

The Best Way To Get Your Audience’s Attention!

How many ways do you know to get the attention of your audience? Two? Three? There are actually 10 basic ways to connect with your audience. Yes! Let’s look at them.

Speakers, Is It Time To Plug Up Your Leaking Profits?

If you’re a business owner who uses speaking to market your advising business, chances are that you’re leaving money on the table — a lot of it. This article can help you turn all of that around and have you earning what you deserve again.

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