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There Is No Reason for Breathlessness in Public Speaking

One of the most common complaints I hear from my clients is that they run out of air in public speaking. This may be a problem for you as well. Do you know why this is happening? Many who teach public speaking will tell you it is because you are nervous. Certainly nervousness exacerbates the problem but it is not the cause.

If Your Audience Is Moving, You Have Got a Problem!

Dynamic speakers move and audiences do not. Less than dynamic speakers tend to stand, riveted to one spot which means that their audiences are moving. When that happens, you have lost them.

Pick Up the Mic – Market Yourself Through Public Speaking

Public speaking is great way to gain visibility, build credibility and attract new clients. When you speak in front of a group, you are immediately transformed from a real estate salesperson into a credible industry authority. Use your public speaking film to promote yourself on your website, in your collateral materials and on social media.

Improving Your Public Speaking Skills – A How To Guide

Do you cringe at the thought of speaking in public? If the answer to that question is yes, then read this. There is one very important secret on how to become a fearless public speaker and that is to focus on the message and not the messenger.

Public Speaking From the Heart – How to Get Your Audience Emotionally Involved in Your Speech

Though these tips may seem redundant, I will absolutely guarantee, that is you use them they will work for you. 1. Know your material, remember I said security is in knowing your lines, and it’s like getting in a cab and not knowing where you want to go, only means your not going anywhere.

Become An Expert Public Speaker – Dealing With Mannerisms and Habits

1. Identify and eliminate them Even if you are not aware of your individual habits and mannerisms, believe me, your audience will be. They are the first things an audience will notice, and at best will distract but at worst annoy and completely turn off your audience.

Presentation Skills 101 – Five Tips to Beat Nervousness

One of the biggest fears people have in life is that of public speaking. Even seasoned professionals can find themselves reduced to panic over talking to a room full of people, especially when there are high stakes involved. It’s perfectly normal to get worried, and it’s also perfectly possible to overcome this problem. Here are five simple tips to get rid of those pre-speech jitters.

Presentation Skills 101 – Structuring Your Presentation – 5 Great Tips

If you want to deliver that perfect presentation, you need to spend some time sorting out the structure so that it supports your aims and your audience. Well designed presentations flow and enable the whole room to follow you perfectly. Here are five fantastic ideas to keep your presentation on track.

The 2 Most Important Things That A Public Speaker Needs To Do When The Curtain Goes Up

One of the questions that public speakers have been debating since the beginning of time is “what is the most important part of a speech?” There are really only three possibilities: the beginning, the middle, or the end. I’m here to solve this question once and for all: it’s the beginning and I’m going to tell you why…

Presentation Skills 101 – Four Ways to Work With Your Audience

Giving a great presentation always involves how you interact with your audience, no matter how good a speaker you are. That’s because people aren’t coming to hear you speak for your sake, they’re doing it for their sakes. If you can’t get them involved with what you have to say, then you might as well be speaking to an empty room. Here are four simple tips to help you get the best relationship with your listeners, and ensure your talk is memorable.

Presentation Skills 101 – Becoming a Better Presenter – 4 Great Tips

Once you’ve delivered a few presentations, you’ll want to start fine tuning your skills. After all no matter how good you are, there’s always room for improvement right? So here are few tips to help you develop your presenting skills even further.

Good Informative Speech Topics: The Narrower the Better!

You have to give a speech. Picking the right topic can make or break your presentation. Your speech topic depends on the type of speech you are giving and the demographics of your audience. It should be a topic that you personally care about, that you have researched and that you can present in a manner that will increase the knowledge base of your audience.

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